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Tribal tussle for Chhotaudepur's Lok Sabha seat a crucible for BJP-Congress

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Tribal tussle for Chhotaudepur's Lok Sabha seat a crucible for BJP-Congress

Chhotaudepur, April 6 (Ajit Weekly News) In Chhotaudepur, a constituency in Gujarat with a major tribal population, the political arena is heating up for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, featuring a face-off between the BJP and the Congress.

This area, dominated by STs, has seen the BJP triumph in the last three Lok Sabha elections, illustrating a shift in political allegiance as this tribal region was once a Congress bastion.

The political narrative of Chhotaudepur, tracing back to 1977, highlights a series of electoral battles, primarily between the Congress and the BJP, with notable shifts in voter preference over the decades.

After a period of Congress dominance, the BJP began to assert its presence, especially from 1999 onwards, capitalising on local dynamics.

In the forthcoming elections the focus is on two prominent candidates: Jashubhai Rathwa from the BJP and Sukhram Rathwa of the Congress.

Jashubhai Rathwa, having started his political career as the Sarpanch of Vasedi gram panchayat, rose through the ranks to become a significant BJP figure in the district.

Despite his unsuccessful attempts in the 2017 Assembly and the 2007-2008 taluka panchayat elections, his political journey reflects a deep connection with local issues.

His brief resignation from all party posts nearly a year ago drew considerable attention, yet he was persuaded to remain, indicating his importance within the BJP.

Sukhram Rathwa, a seasoned Congress leader and current Leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly, has been vocal against the state’s BJP government.

His criticisms, especially regarding state governance and public welfare issues, highlight a campaign focused on addressing local grievances and advocating for change.

Chhotaudepur, with its seven Vidhan Sabha seats, has a complex electoral landscape.

The constituency, particularly its ST-reserved segments, remains a critical battleground for assessing the political pulse and shifting loyalties among the tribal electorate.

The 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha election results show the fluctuating political fortunes there, with the BJP gaining ground.

Geetaben Rathwa’s lead in the 2019 elections over the Congress’ Rathwa Ranjit Singh exemplified the BJP’s growing influence, further compounded by the success of Ramsinh Rathwa in the 2014 elections.

In the backdrop of a large rural electorate and critical socio-economic issues at play, the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in Chhotaudepur are set to be a indicator of the region’s political trajectory and voter sentiment.

Chhotaudepur, known for its Rathwa community, is a cultural hub famed for Pithora paintings. These vibrant artworks, adorning village house walls, reflect the rich traditions of the Rathwas.

The city’s tribal museum boasts an array of tribal artifacts, showcasing the region’s diverse heritage and artistic legacy.

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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