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Satish Kaushik accuses airlines of using 'dubious ways to earn money from passengers'

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Satish Kaushik accuses airlines of using 'dubious ways to earn money from passengers'Mumbai, May 26 (Ajit Weekly News) Bollywood actor Satish Kaushik shared a post on social media accusing private airline Go First of using dubious means to earn money from passengers.

He talked about a recent bad experience where he paid extra money for a particular seat but the airline allegedly still sold that seat to someone else.

Satish posted on Twitter on Wednesday morning about paying Rs 25,000 for a middle seat on a Go First flight from Mumbai to Dehradun. He later found out that the same seat had been sold to some other passenger.

The actor wrote, “It is very very sad that @GoFirstairways has to use dubious ways to earn money from passengers. My office booked two seats (Satish Kaushik/Ajay Rai) in the first row with middle seat also and paid 25K in G8 2315 from Mum-Dehradun on 23rd June. But alas they sold the middle seat to another passenger inspite of my office paying for it.”

He added that members of the flight crew tried to help him and were apologetic too.

“Mr Zubin from Go First tried to help by telling the other passenger that he will adjust him next flight since the flight was full and there was no seat but that passenger was adamant. After the fellow passenger did not get seat and flight was in hold I decided to offer the seat to him.

“Zubin and air hostesses who were aghast at the mistake of their own organisation thanked me. Air hostess told me that I will mail her airline office about this unfortunate glitch from their side and give you an apology. Zubin told me that I will inform the office get refund the money for that seat.

“I told Zubin that it will never happen and as I thought that actually happened. Zubin my office is contacting the customer care and they are saying what I expected, NO REFUND.”

The actor asked the airline and accused them of harassing passengers, questioning their practices.

“Is it right?? Is this the way to earn extra money by harassing a passenger? It is not about getting refund but it is about voicing your grievance,” his note further read. He concluded by adding, “I could have hold the flight but my goodness and holding the passengers for more hours after three hours of torturous delay did not allow me to do that. Good luck #GoFirstairways.”

Go First responded to the thread: “Dear Satish, we thank you for reaching out to us and we regret any inconvenience caused. You will positively hear from our office soon.”

Reacting to the incident, a Go First spokesperson said in a statement, “We truly regret the inconvenience caused to Mr. Satish Kaushik regarding the middle seat – Go More – on flight ‘G8 2315’.

“We are terribly disappointed by what occurred on his journey and believe that such mistakes should not be condoned, and that no consumer should ever be put through such an ordeal.”

“Go First immediately contacted and apologised to Mr Satish Kaushik as well as offered a refund, which is presently being processed,” their spokesperson said.

–Ajit Weekly News

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