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Israel Embassy security scare: Forensic team finds over two-dozen pellets indicating low intensity blast

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Israel Embassy security scare: Forensic team finds over two-dozen pellets indicating low intensity blast

New Delhi, Dec 27 (Ajit Weekly News) In a latest development following the blast outside the Israel Embassy in Delhi on Tuesday, forensic experts have found more than two-dozen pellets from the site, shedding light on the nature of the explosion.

Official sources revealed that it was a low-intensity blast involving a crude bomb.

“Our teams conducted a thorough search of the area on the second day, and discovered multiple pieces of ‘chharre’ (pellets) scattered around the area,” said a senior FSL official.

Elaborating further, the official isaid that initial observations suggest a low-intensity blast, likely caused by the use of a crude bomb.

“We are meticulously analysing every exhibit collected from the site,” the official added.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police said in a statement that on Wednesday morning, teams from central agencies visited the spot and collected some samples of soil, leaves and objects lying around the area for further examination.

The central agencies, including the National Investigation Agency (NIA), were present at the site, adding to the significant police presence.

Sources told Ajit Weekly News that a letter retrieved from the spot on Tuesday was found to be abusive in nature. The typed words on the letter, such as ‘Sir Allah Resistance’, strongly suggest that the organisation may be claiming responsibility for the attack.

Sources revealed that after scrutinising multiple CCTV footage, the police have narrowed down their focus on two individuals suspected of approaching the area just before the explosion on Tuesday.

“While scanning CCTV footage, two suspects have been zeroed down upon, who were seen roaming in the area on Tuesday evening,” said sources, adding that the police are scanning the CCTV footage of the locality to identify the duo.

Security agencies in Delhi were sent into a tizzy after receiving an emergency call reporting an ‘explosion’ from near the Israel Embassy in Chanakyapuri on Tuesday.

“A call reporting an explosion near the Israel Embassy in Delhi at around 5:45 p.m. prompted the immediate dispatch of a fire tender,” the Delhi Fire Service (DFS) had said on Tuesday.

Earlier, the Delhi Police said in a statement that at 5:53 p.m. on Tuesday, a PCR call conveyed that a “loud sound was heard from the rear side of the Israel Embassy”.

“Given the sensitivity of the site and the report of a sound resembling an explosion, a dog squad, crime team, and the bomb disposal squad of Delhi Police were sent to the spot from where the alleged explosion sound was reported,” a Delhi Police spokesperson had said on Tuesday.

An eye-witness claimed to have heard a blast sound and noticed smoke outside the Israel Embassy.

“At around 5 p.m., while I was on duty, I heard a loud noise resembling a tyre burst. On stepping outside, I saw smoke emanating from the top of a tree near the premises. The police have recorded my statement,” the eyewitness, who works as a guard at a premises near the Embassy, had said.

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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