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For Meghan Trainor, working with T-Pain was a ‘dream come true’

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For Meghan Trainor, working with T-Pain was a ‘dream come true’

Los Angeles, March 20 (Ajit Weekly News) Grammy winner Meghan Trainor and T-Pain recently dropped a new collaboration, ‘Been Like This’, the singer’s upcoming sixth album. For her, working with the rapper was a “dream come true.”

Trainor thanked the rapper via a full-page Atlanta newspaper advertisement.

The ‘All About The Bass’ hitmaker spoke about her excitement for the collaboration and how it came together. Initially, Trainor made the song on her own before sending it to T-Pain, who “didn’t respond” for some time, reports People.

He finally heard ‘Been Like This’, Trainor recalled, while talking on Live with Kelly and Mark.

“He was like, ‘I love it, whoa!’ And I was like, ‘Are you going to do a verse?’ And he’s like, ‘For sure.’ And then like, never responded. I was like, ‘He hates me.’”

Trainor shared that T-Pain is her “favourite artist,” so she felt compelled to ask about the collaboration once again.

“Then finally, on my 30th birthday, he came and surprised me at my house. (He) was like, ‘Happy birthday. I did the verse. I’m sorry I ghosted you. Boom!’ And played it,” she said.

The result felt like a product that’d been a lifetime in the making for the ‘Me Too’ star.

“I’ve been very aggressive about how much I love T-Pain for the past 10 years in every interview. They’re like, ‘Who do you love?’ I’m like, ‘Carole King and T-Pain’,” she said.

“People think it’s so cute.”

After getting in touch via social media, Trainor and T-Pain “finally started texting a year ago” before discussing a collaboration.

“I was like, ‘This is it, man. We’re going to collab.’ I kind of forced it,” she said.

Just to thank the rapper, Trainor took out a full-page advertisement in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, circulated in T-Pain’s native city, to thank him.

She credited T-Pain for “changing the game and how songs are made,” thanking him “for being the kindest, most humble hero.”

During her interview, the ‘Dear Future Husband’ singer talked about the newspaper advertisement and teased an upcoming music video for ‘Been Like This.’

“He saw it, and he loved it. It’s not enough, I got to thank him for the rest of my life because he truly made my dreams come true,” said Trainor.

“He did a music video with me that’s coming out soon where he is the greatest dancer. I think we all forgot because we were like, ‘Oh, he’s so talented at singing and writing lyrics’,” she said.

“But this dude was giving robot. He was like dripping sweat, giving 110 per cent.”

–Ajit Weekly News


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