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CM Reddy calling PM Modi ‘bade bhai’ sparks unending political debate in Telangana

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CM Reddy calling PM Modi ‘bade bhai’ sparks unending political debate in Telangana

Hyderabad, March 6 (Ajit Weekly News) Controversy over the Chief Minister calling the Prime Minister ‘elder brother’ raged on in Telangana with Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader, T. Harish Rao on Wednesday, lashing out at Revanth Reddy for heaping praises on Narendra Modi.

On Tuesday, BRS Working President, KT Rama Rao had predicted that CM Revanth Reddy would prove to be another CM Eknath Shinde.

Talking to select reporters on Wednesday, former minister and BRS leader T. Harish Rao lashed out at CM Reddy and said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had called the Gujarat model a failed model but CM Reddy wants the same for his state.

Harish Rao said CM Reddy through his remarks had made it clear that the Congress will not come to power at the Centre and that PM Modi will get a third term.

He alleged that CM Reddy had not only betrayed the people but had also betrayed Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.

“CM Reddy is eager to get the blessings of PM Modi rather than former party president Rahul Gandhi,” he said.

The ‘Bade bhai, chhote bhai’ debate was triggered after CM Reddy’s comments at his first public appearance with the PM after his government came to power.

Sharing the dais with the PM at an official programme at Adilabad on March 4, CM Reddy had addressed him as ‘elder brother’.

Stating that he had no intention of having a confrontation with the Centre, the CM sought the PM’s support for Telangana’s development.

“For us, the Prime Minister means elder brother. Only with the support of the elder brother, chief ministers can take their states forward. That’s why I am making this request. If Telangana is to develop and move forward like Gujarat, your help is a must,” he said at the programme where the PM launched several development projects.

Terming CM Reddy’s comments as ‘shameful’, BRS Working President, KT Rama Rao on Tuesday predicted that the Congress leader will join the BJP after the Lok Sabha elections.

“I can clearly see the future of Congress and Revanth Reddy after this meeting. In coming days, Telangana will see a repeat of what happened in Maharashtra and Assam. After the coming elections, Revanth Reddy is sure to join the BJP. We will see another Eknath Shinde and Himanta Biswa Sarma here,” he said while addressing a meeting of BRS workers in Sircilla constituency on Tuesday.

The BRS leader also referred to CM Reddy’s request to the PM to continue his blessings in coming days.

“You don’t even have two months for elections but Revanth Reddy is telling the Prime Minister to continue his blessings in future. Does it not mean that he is admitting that Mr Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister again,” the BRS leader asked.

Defending his remarks, CM Reddy asked if the PM was not an elder brother figure to the people. CM Reddy added that he sought support for the state’s development and not for his personal benefit.

“Rahul Gandhi is my leader, why should I praise the Prime Minister to impress him,” he asked during an informal chat with media persons.

The CM said his requests should be seen in the context of political structure and the federal system.

“I met him openly at a public meeting unlike other leaders who whisper in the PM’s ears requesting his support to make their son the Chief Minister,” said CM Reddy, apparently referring to the PM’s claim a few months ago that then Chief Minister, KC Rao had sought his support to make KTR the Chief Minister.

On his reference to Gujarat, the Chief Minister clarified that he requested the PM to fund Telangana projects the way he funded Gujarat.

It may be recalled that during the election campaign, the BRS leaders also spoke about Reddy’s alleged links with the RSS and some even predicted that after the elections he would defect to the BJP with his loyalists.

While admitting that he was once associated with the ABVP, he had maintained that he remained loyal to the Congress, which he joined in 2017 after resigning from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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