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'Ashok Gehlot hatched phone-tapping plan during Rajasthan political crisis', claims ex-OSD

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'Ashok Gehlot hatched phone-tapping plan during Rajasthan political crisis', claims ex-OSD

Jaipur, April 24 (Ajit Weekly News) The alleged phone-tapping incident — which created a huge uproar during the political crisis in Rajasthan in 2020 — took a fresh turn on Wednesday after Lokesh Sharma, the then OSD to Ashok Gehlot, held the ex-Chief Minister responsible for phone-tapping, alleging that Gehlot himself handed him a pen drive which carried three audio clips along with a piece of paper.

Addressing a press conference here, Sharma said: “The clippings and papers given to me by Ashok Gehlot were shared with the media on his direction.”

“I came to know about the content in the pen drive after the news was flashed,” he claimed.

Accusing the senior Congress leader of using him as a ‘tool’ to keep his political career intact, Sharma said, “Till now, I was saying that I received these audio clips and the paper via social media, but the reality is it was then Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot who gave them to me.”

“Ashok Gehlot gave me a pen drive with audio clips referring to alleged horsetrading in the state along with a written material on the same topic. Also, I was asked to destroy the phone on which I shared the clipping. He also asked me to send the laptop on which I downloaded the clippings to some other state.”

Sharma added that the entire plan was concocted after former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot turned rebel and went to Manesar.

At that time, Pilot had said that they were not being heard by the government and hence they went to Manesar to ensure the high command listens to them.

“However, Ashok Gehlot wanted to give the impression that BJP’s Gajendra Singh Shekhawat wanted to topple the government with Pilot’s help, and hence the former Chief Minister hatched the plan. He put all his MLAs’ phones on surveillance. Even those MLAs who were camping at Hotel Fairmont were put on surveillance,” claimed Sharma, adding that the entire plan was scripted to defame the BJP and build a picture that the opposition party wanted to topple the government.

Sharma also claimed that Union Minister Shekahwat was added to the plot to show that the BJP in connivance with Pilot aimed to topple Gehlot’s government.

He also showed the media the pen drive which was allegedly given to him by Ashok Gehlot along with the laptop he used to download the clippings which he then transferred to his phone to be shared with the media later.

To recall, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police had registered a case against Sharma after Union Minister Shekhawat filed a complaint alleging phone tapping.

Sharma had moved the Delhi High Court against the lodging of the case. His petition is still pending in the high court. During this period, the Crime Branch has interrogated Sharma about half a dozen times.

Sharma said he was exposing the truth now as Gehlot had betrayed him.

“I was promised that I will be taken care of and my case will be taken to the Supreme Court. But everyone has gone silent now, leaving me in the lurch,” he claimed.

Sharma also said that Gehlot and his team continued conspiring against Shekhawat at his residence. They called those associated with the Sanjivni case and shot their videos and made them viral intentionally, he claimed.

Sharma also accused Gehlot of carrying out an SOG raid at his office.

“He was scared that I might not have destroyed the phone. So my entire office was searched. It was a big blow for me as the person to whom I dedicated myself got my office searched. However, when the team did not get the phone, they left satisfied,” Sharma claimed.

He also accused Gehlot of being hand-in-glove in the REET paper leak case.

“Initially, the former CM was not ready to believe that the REET paper was leaked. However, its level 2 exam was cancelled under tremendous pressure. When secondary education board chairperson DP Jaroli’s name appeared as an accused, Gehlot and his team were confused as to what action should be taken against him. ‘He is our man’ (Apna hi aadmi hai), they said’,” Sharma claimed.

Sharma also alleged that Gehlot did not even spare the Congress’ high command.

“When veteran leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken were sent to Delhi for a high-level meeting on September 25, 2022, I was asked by Gehlot to share with the media that all MLAs who had gathered at Shanti Dhariwal’s house don’t want PIlot to be chosen as the CM. I was asked to spread the news that the MLAs are saying that they can make anyone the CM, but not Pilot. so this was yet again concocted by Gehlot,” he alleged.

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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