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Ajit Weekly News Interview: INDIA bloc is an alliance not for forming govt but for saving the corrupt, says Pushkar Singh Dhami

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Ajit Weekly News Interview: INDIA bloc is an alliance not for forming govt but for saving the corrupt, says Pushkar Singh Dhami

New Delhi, April 25 (Ajit Weekly News) Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami spoke exclusively to Ajit Weekly News and shared his views on a wide spectrum of issues including Uniform Civil Code (UCC), women empowerment, ‘land jihad’, BJP’s resolve of ‘400 paar’, INDIA bloc and more.

The Uttarakhand Chief Minister sounded highly confident of BJP sweeping the state again and also breaching the 400 mark nationally, as envisaged by the top leadership.

Below is the entire interaction of Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami with Ajit Weekly News.

Ajit Weekly News: Is ‘land jihad’ a big issue in Uttarakhand? Is it the result of policies of past Congress governments, as mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Pushkar Dhami: Land jihad is a reality and it is used by certain parties to woo certain sections of society, for vote bank politics. It’s because of such negative politics that the ‘Devbhoomi’ (Uttarakhand) is losing its original form. Land jihad does much harm but we have taken a strong resolve to not let anyone disturb the social fabric by their evil designs. We have removed encroachments and illegal land grabs and launched a wide-scale campaign against it. The original character of Devbhoomi will be preserved, at all costs.

Ajit Weekly News: Did the Congress government in Uttarakhand also prioritise Muslims for the first share in the state’s resources?

Pushkar Dhami: Yes, definitely. Congress has always pursued appeasement and vote bank politics. They have always made policies to please a specific class and ignored the majority section.

Ajit Weekly News: What changes have occurred in Uttarakhand, since the implementation of the UCC?

Pushkar Dhami: The UCC is a complete law in itself as it seeks to bring equality and parity for all sections and genders, irrespective of religion.

Besides women’s empowerment and enhancing their safety, this law has detailed provisions for the upliftment of every class. When India was drafting the Constitution, Dr B.R. Ambedkar and his entire team made provisions for it in Article 44, and it has certainly become essential for the country today.

The Sankalp Patra (manifesto) presented by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also promises to implement UCC across the country.

Ajit Weekly News: Is Muslim Personal Law still being followed in Uttarakhand?

Pushkar Dhami: The UCC will be implemented in Uttarakhand. The Bill has been passed and we have received approval from the President. We are preparing for its roll-out.

Ajit Weekly News: Is it the time to abolish the Muslim Personal Law Board?

Pushkar Dhami: Now, the UCC will work in Uttarakhand. There will be a uniform law for the entire state… for every class, every caste, and every community. A uniform law for everyone.

Ajit Weekly News: Is your government considering a population control law? Is a committee being formed?

Pushkar Dhami: We have just brought the UCC and the people of Uttarakhand have given us a mandate for it. We have fulfilled our promise. Whatever will be in the interest of Uttarakhand in the near future, we will do it.

Ajit Weekly News: During the preparation of the BJP’s Sankalp Patra, suggestions were sought from the public, including one for a population control law. What is your opinion on this? Assam and Uttar Pradesh have also taken the initiative on this.

Pushkar Dhami: I have already said that whatever is necessary in the interest of the state, we will move forward on that, firmly and strongly.

Ajit Weekly News: How is BJP taking this issue to the voters in Lok Sabha elections?

Pushkar Dhami: Our party’s Sankalp Patra promises to implement the Uniform Civil Code across the country. BJP made a promise to voters before the Assembly elections in 2022 and after coming to power, we implemented it in the state.

Therefore, as per the party’s manifesto plan, the party will strive for its national roll-out soon.

Ajit Weekly News: UCC will benefit women of minority communities the most and it will also put a stop to many ill-practices. So, what trend is evident in the elections? Is the BJP benefiting from it?

Pushkar Dhami: Our party’s stand on the UCC has been consistent since Independence and the people of the country also want it. Muslim sisters also want it. They have expressed happiness over the UCC and said that this will help not only protect their dignity and self-esteem but also mark an end to cruel and inhuman religious practices.

UCC is actually proving to be a boon for everyone. The Gangotri emanating from Uttarakhand will work for the entire country.

Ajit Weekly News: An attempt was made to exclude the state’s indigenous communities from this law?

Pushkar Dhami: India’s Constitution provides special privileges for those indigenous communities and decisions are made based on what the Constitution states.

Ajit Weekly News: This law is also being promoted as anti-Muslim. Some say it could be obstructive to religious freedom. What do you have to say about this?

Pushkar Dhami: There should be one law within a country, this has been the demand of people for ages. Those who have practised the vote banks and appeasement politics are behind this false propaganda.

To benefit a specific class, they have always ignored the majority community and have worked to undermine their interests. Today, they are seeing their land slipping away, so they want to create such doubts. This is not against anyone.

Ajit Weekly News: The government has pledged to make Uttarakhand the best state by 2025. Does the UCC have a role to play in this?

Pushkar Dhami: We bought the UCC, the anti-cheating law, the religious conversion law, the anti-riot law, and the anti-encroachment campaign, along with the Global Investors Summit within the state.

We have made more than 30 policies. We are working in the field of infrastructure and have created the Uttarakhand Infrastructure Investment Board.

Today, the development of Char Dham is underway throughout the state. Work is underway in the railway sector and also in the field of aviation services.

Road connectivity is increasing. The ropeway network is being rapidly established. Work is going on rapidly in health services.

Today, with the support of the Centre, work is continuously being done on many schemes within the state. And as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the third decade of the 21st century will be the decade of Uttarakhand, we are working to make it possible. We are implementing his vision on the ground.

Ajit Weekly News: What steps have your government taken regarding tourism, and what can we expect in the future?

Pushkar Dhami: Tourism remains the mainstay of Devbhoomi. About 56 lakh people visited the state last year Char Dham Yatra alone. After PM Modi’s visit to Mount Kailash, the influx of people has increased rapidly.

Mansarovar Yatra will also be arranged on the lines of Char Dham Yatra, so there will be a significant influx throughout the state.

Our priority is that their facilities should be good, and their journey should be good. Since tourism is increasing every year, we are taking up the challenge of infrastructure development and working on it.

It includes parking, accommodation, transportation, other facilities, law and order, everything is being carried out.

Ajit Weekly News: The film industry is also shifting its focus towards Uttarakhand. Some films are also being shot in the state, what is the reason behind this new-found interest?

Pushkar Dhami: Uttarakhand has a rich climate and surroundings and is adorned with forests, rivers, mountains, and gods. So, wherever you look, you see some destination. It is near Delhi, near the NCR, and has air connectivity, rail connectivity, good road connectivity, and good law and order, so people have seen it and are coming here in large numbers.

More than 200 films were made there last year, and more are being made. We are also providing facilities to everyone. We have also provided for subsidies and other provisions.

Ajit Weekly News: Why are the conditions different in the Kumaon and Garhwal regions and how are you balancing this?

Pushkar Dhami: Our state has certain geographical conditions. Most of the areas in Kumaon and Garhwal are mountainous regions. Some places have hills, some have plains, and some have valleys, so the state comprises diverse geographical conditions. Whenever we work across the entire state, we work for both regions. Projects and developmental works are planned keeping in mind the challenges and requirements of both regions.

Ajit Weekly News: There is a talk of the presence of Rohingyas in many areas of Uttarakhand. How will you stop it?

Pushkar Dhami: We are verifying them. And, the laws we are making… our purpose is to work vigorously against things that can change the demography and interfere with the originality of Uttarakhand. We will work on it with strictness.

Ajit Weekly News: You have been working with Prime Minister Modi for a long time, what is his vision for Uttarakhand?

Pushkar Dhami: Uttarakhand resides in the heart of PM Modi, everyone knows this. He has a very old connection with Devbhoomi and he knows it very well. Perhaps, there has been no politician who built such a connection with the state.

PM Modi is today the biggest leader and most popular leader in the world. From East to West, North to South, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, he is working to unite the entire country in one thread.

Yet, I can say that what has happened in Uttarakhand in the last 10 years during his tenure or what the double-engine government has done, is unprecedented in itself.

Whether it is about roads, whether it is about the Char Dham all-weather road project, the Bharat Mala Sadak Pariyojana, the ropeway project in the Parvat Mala Yojana, or the final survey of the Tanakpur-Bageshwar rail line, rapid work is happening on all these.

Whether it is about the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, or as you said, about Mana village, which was considered the last village of India, PM Modi gave it the status of the first village, setting the stage for its unprecedented development.

Whether it is about the reconstruction of Kedarnath and Badrinath, the work of Hemkund Sahib, the Kedarnath ropeway project, or making a master plan for Mount Kailash in Gunji, Pithoragarh, many works that no one ever thought of, are being completed under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and being implemented on the ground.

Ajit Weekly News: In Uttarakhand, BJP has won all 5 Lok Sabha seats twice, and is now claiming victory once again, what is your view on this?

Pushkar Dhami: Once again, there will be five seats. There is no doubt about it, and there will be a significant margin. Some people are saying that the margin will be less because voter turnout was low. Those who made Narendra Modi the Prime Minister voted enthusiastically, those who supported Congress and other opposition parties, and those who were supposed to vote for them, are absent. That’s why it feels like that. Therefore, the margin of victory will not be less, it will increase.

Ajit Weekly News: PM Modi has talked about crossing the 400 mark. What do you think? Will it happen?

Pushkar Dhami: ‘400 paar’ will definitely happen because whatever Prime Minister Modi says, his supporters and well-wishers take it to their heart and mind and work assiduously to achieve that target.

Last time, we talked about crossing 300, and we crossed 300.

The way Prime Minister Modi has devoted his every moment to the country, worked for the welfare of the poor, helped the country reclaim its spiritual legacy, and made India gain power and repute globally, all are witness to it.

So, the people of the country will certainly support ‘400 paar’ pledge and give their blessings to PM Modi for the third term.

Ajit Weekly News: How do you view the Congress-led INDIA bloc? Do you see any competition between the two?

Pushkar Dhami: This alliance is solely for saving the corrupt leaders, saving their families, and hiding corruption. Election for them is not for forming the government but for securing their political existence.

It’s an alliance desperate to save their existence through appeasement and vote bank politics. This is Bhanumati’s clan, as the saying goes, ‘Kahi ka eeth, kahi ka roda, Bhanumati ne kunba joda’ (creating an alliance by bringing incompatible people together). It’s the same kind of coalition, and it doesn’t stand a chance against PM Modi.

Ajit Weekly News: Congress has said in its manifesto that strict laws will be made on defection so that attempts to topple elected governments don’t succeed? What is your opinion on this?

Pushkar Dhami: Congress is today making tall claims about democracy. Its crown prince talks about saving democracy. He should remember that imposing an Emergency in the country, ending democracy, inflicting atrocities and all types of injustices on people were done by his grandmother.

Congress says that many governments are being toppled. Congress party’s own record in pulling down and dismissing governments remains unmatched. Today, when everything is happening according to the law, they talk about all kinds of things.

Sometimes, they target agencies, sometimes they appeal to people to save democracy.

Citizens can see through their ploy, they understand that PM Modi is working to end corruption, and these people want to stop PM Modi.

They are hand in gloves with anti-national forces and are also getting support from them. They are working to hoodwink people in all ways via social media and other platforms but they have no standing on the ground.

INDIA alliance can’t pose any competition.

PM Modi is set to return as Prime Minister of the country, for a record third term.

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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