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Pregnant woman in Delhi overcomes spinal TB, paralysis to deliver healthy baby

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Pregnant woman in Delhi overcomes spinal TB, paralysis to deliver healthy baby

New Delhi, Feb 19 (Ajit Weekly News) In what can be termed as a medical miracle, a 28-year-old pregnant woman in the national capital suffering from spinal tuberculosis and paralysis for seven months has successfully delivered a healthy baby, and also walked again.

The patient was presented to doctors at Fortis Shalimar Bagh in her sixth month of pregnancy. Her legs were completely paralysed and she was bed-ridden.

The patient was also unable to pass urine, necessitating a catheter. The patient was also suffering a pain in her back for four months.

Doctors at Fortis Hospital Shalimar bagh diagnosed her condition as spinal tuberculosis.

An MRI revealed spinal tuberculosis with severe spinal cord compression.

Urgent surgery was required to alleviate the pressure and stabilise her spine, said the doctors. The surgical procedure was complex due to her pregnancy.

The doctors had to make her lie down in such a way that no pressure was exerted on the abdomen/foetus.

Unable to use traditional spinal fixation methods, as the doctors could not put screws to fix the unstable spine, due to pregnancy-related X-ray restrictions, mandatory for inserting screws (intervertebral titanium cage), the surgeons opted for a temporary wire fixation.

Additionally, the anaesthesia was carefully managed to be safe for both mother and baby.

Despite her condition, the patient remained hopeful and bed-ridden until the delivery of a healthy baby via C-section.

Post-delivery, after 15 days, an MRI revealed severe spinal cord swelling, unstable collapsed spine with spinal cord compression.

To address this, another surgery was conducted through the side of her lung to remove tuberculosis tissue and stabilise the spine, involving the placement of a cage and screws to bridge the vertebral gap.

Three months after her surgery, the patient showed no leg movement, prompting a repeat MRI that revealed ongoing spinal cord swelling.

Despite the challenging prognosis, she and her husband remained optimistic.

They persisted with regular physiotherapy and continued tuberculosis treatment.

This perseverance paid off, as her condition improved over a period of time.

Nine months into her TB treatment, she started walking, and after completing an 18-month course of treatment, she fully regained her mobility.

“This is rarest of rare case in medical history, where a patient suffering from paralysis could be cured even after seven months of zero movement in legs. TB spine in pregnancy is not very rare, but to become completely paraplegic and remain paraplegic for seven months and then make 100 per cent recovery is what is rare and that is what is miraculous,” said Dr. Sonal Gupta, Director & HOD Neurosurgery, Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh in a statement.

“Survival of the baby was a challenge because of severe abdominal spasms due to spinal cord compression. Additionally, the surgery could not be completed in one go as there was radiation risk to the foetus.

“However, with a never give up attitude, supportive family and correct medical intervention, the patient is now free of tuberculosis and is leading a normal life. The prognosis for spinal tuberculosis is improved by early diagnosis and rapid intervention. If the patient was not treated on time, she would have been remained bed-ridden and wheel chair bound for rest of her life,” Dr. Sonal added.

–Ajit Weekly News


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