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J&K Police duty-bound to bring those trying to disturb communal harmony to book: DGP Swain

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J&K Police duty-bound to bring those trying to disturb communal harmony to book: DGP Swain

Addressing a media briefing here, the DGP said, “People have to trust us and have faith in their police.

“We will ensure that anyone trying to stoke communal passions is prevented from disturbing the day-to-day life of the peace loving citizens”.

Referring to the recent incident in which a student of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar uploaded an objectionable post to disrespect the Prophet of Islam, the police chief said, “We have promptly registered a case against the student and rest assured that we will take the investigation to its logical conclusion without any fear or favour.

“Trying to create a law and order situation by hitting the road is not the way to protect the name of the great Prophet whose respect and honour is dear to all of us.

“Let us not allow anti-national and miscreant elements to disturb peace under the garb of the common sentiments of all of us in this incident”.

The DGP said that it was not only the duty of the police to protect and safeguard the interests of the boys and girls within J&K, but also outside.

“I have said in the past as well that it is our extended duty to safeguard and protect our students who are studying in other parts of the country and also those locals doing business, etc., outside J&K.

“This responsibility we can only successfully fulfill if we enforce law within J&K in an honest and non-partisan manner,” he asserted.

The police chief disclosed that a provision is being added to section 144 CrPc by which posting of any message, content, video, audio aimed at disturbing communal sensitivity or through which somebody is threatened whether such an act is done by some terrorist network or anti-social element, will become punishable.

“Just posting such messages will be a crime and such persons will be booked while forwarding or sharing such messages will also become punishable.

“If someone receives such objectionable content from any sources he/she should immediately report the matter to the nearest police station thereby discharging his/her duty as a responsible citizen.

“If anyone posts a video, audio, text or content aimed at disturbing peace or in disrespect of the Prophet and you receive it, you must inform the police.

“People indulging in such acts will be booked and tried in a court of law. Further we will index such people as a future disincentive to them so that they remember at every stage that they have done a wrongful act,” DGP said.

He said indulging in such acts disturbs the general public, it affects normal academic activities, businesses, etc.

“Through such acts a very minuscule number of people try to make gains at the cost of the vast majority of common peace loving and law abiding citizens,” he added.

Answering a question whether there would be any action against political parties who allegedly want to fuel unrest, the DGP said, “J&K police are the custodian of law.

“Wheels of the law would operate in a sense that if a particular action has been done deliberately with malicious intent that leads to loss of life, attacks, loss of property, political leaders would be held responsible,” he said.

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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