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Cyber police station, women's security top Gautam Buddha Nagar police chief's agenda

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Singh, with a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering, was first posted as Senior Superintendent of Police in 2004.

In a conversation with Ajit Weekly News, Singh spoke about the issues related to the Commissionerate and said that women’s safety will be prioritised in Gautam Buddha Nagar, and cyber police stations will be set up to prevent the increasing cyber crimes.

Ajit Weekly News: What roadmap has been prepared by the Police Commissionerate regarding women’s safety?

Singh: All the work that has been done so far in the field of women’s safety has to be taken forward. The task has to be systematised.

The teams will be focused on exposing any incident that occurs. We need to change the working style of our policing to proactive policing.

We need to assess the places where an increase in such crimes has been recorded in the last 5 years, through the installation of CCTV cameras, movement of Police Response Vehicles (PRVs), street lights, verification of people providing public transport. This plan is being implemented.<br> <br>Ajit Weekly News: Are new police stations being opened?

Singh: A lot of development around the Yamuna Expressway along with new colonies will be seen, where a proposal to open four police stations will be sent to the government.

Along with this, there are many police stations in Central and Greater Noida, where there is a need for more reporting posts, which will be set up soon.

Ajit Weekly News: Cyber crimes are on the rise. What steps are being taken to prevent them?

Singh: A lot of cyber crime complaints have been registered in Noida. The cyber cell which has been opened in the BJP headquarters has been working promptly on the orders of the Chief Minister.

The cell has a police station under it, but its authority and area of work is limited, which has raised the need to set up a separate cyber police station in Gautam Buddha Nagar.

Cyber cells and help desks have been opened in every police station of the district, but in view of the ever increasing cyber crimes, the need for a cyber police station with a specialised workforce persists.

A proposal for the same would be sent to the government which is expected to be approved.

Ajit Weekly News: What roadmap is being prepared regarding traffic?

Singh: Some long term aspects have been discussed after getting the results of experiments conducted earlier. The proposal has been sent to the Noida Authority and the Greater Noida Authority.

The work will be started after effective planning, once the proposal is passed.

Reservation for traffic police has been our focal point. We have increased the number of traffic police in areas with heavy traffic.

Our traffic control management has so far remained passive and is in need of being managed in real time.

Additional Route to Passage, Passage to Delhi would be prepared to ensure that people do not face any problems due to traffic.

Ajit Weekly News: How will the crimes committed in the bordering districts be curbed?

Singh: CCTV cameras will be installed on the borders of other districts connected with Noida. Several such locations have been marked.

We have implemented zig-zag and round-the-clock checking systems to stop those who hail from other districts and commit crimes here and the ones who commit crimes in other districts.

Some gangs, including the ones who come from other districts and are established here, are being verified, the effect of which will be seen soon.

Ajit Weekly News: What steps are being take to thwart street crimes?

Singh: We studied the incidents that took place in the last 5 to 6 months and accordingly worked out a time-frame.

Steps regarding this issue are being implemented which will lead to a decrease in such crimes.

Replacing some of our PRVs took time but will be fixed soon.

We will able to curb street crime by using the newly issued vehicles, including motorcycles.

–Ajit Weekly News<br>pkt/fs/bg

News Credits – I A N S

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