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Bihar Education Minister likely to adopt Kejriwal model in govt schools (Ajit Weekly News Interview)

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Patna, Aug 17 (Ajit Weekly News) Newly-appointed Education Minister of Bihar, Chandrashekher Yadav, said on Wednesday that he might adopt the education model implemented in government schools in the national capital by Arvind Kejriwal in Bihar.

Speaking to Ajit Weekly News, the RJD MLA said that there is no harm in adopting such a model if the quality of education improves in the schools of Bihar.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q: Will you adopt the Kejriwal model of education in Bihar?

A: The annual budget for education is around Rs 50,000 crore in Bihar, but the quality of education is not that good. I learnt about the Kejriwal model of education in Delhi. Many people from across the world have visited the government schools in Delhi. There is no harm in adopting such a model if it helps improve the quality of education Bihar. We will visit the schools in Delhi and if we find the methods of education there are really as good as people say, we will certainly adopt it.”

Q: What will be your commitment to social justice?

A: We are advocating social justice and we are committed to it. We do not care about the communal forces. Let them spread the thoughts of Golwalkar if they want, we will only proceed with the ideology of Ambedkar.”

Q: What’s your view on same work, same pay for teachers?

A: Enhancing the quality of education is our priority at the moment. If the teachers generate the required output, we will not hesitate to change the policy. The present education system in schools is a concern for us.

Q: What’s your view on sessions getting late in the universities?

A: Late sessions are a cause of concern for us in the universities. We have asked them to conduct examinations quickly. However, we have also received complaints that holding exams one after the other puts burden on the students. Still, we are working on it.

–Ajit Weekly News


News Credits – I A N S

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