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Daggers out as Kannur veterans Vijayan & Sudhakaran take on one another

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Thiruvananthapuram, July 5 (Ajit Weekly News) There is never a dull moment when two veterans from Kannur, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and state Congress president and Lok Sabha member K. Sudhakaran take on one another and nowadays they are at their best slamming each other.

It began on Monday when Vijayan went hammer and tongs against Sudhakaran in the Assembly when the former said the latter was the best exponent of making bombs fo the past few decades.

Vijayan was also upset that when he immediately condemned the attack on the office of Wayanad Lok Sabha member Rahul Gandhi by the SFI activists last week, Sudhakaran did not have the political acumen to condemn the ‘bomb’ attack on the CPI-M state party headquarters last week.

Sudhakaran took to his Facebook on Tuesday and began his article by reminding Vijayan that he “was not someone who is not known to him”. Then Sudhakaran traced the history of Vijayan and wrote how he (Vijayan) was alleged to have been “involved in the brutal killing of one Ramakrishnan and later Babu”.

“Vijayan, none knows you better than me. You were so cruel that Babu was not even allowed to be taken to hospital on time. Had not the witnesses in the crime turned hostile, this time you would have been cooling your heels in some jail here. Vijayan please don’t make me say more things about you, as that’s best for you.”

Sudhakaran said he felt sympathetic towards those who sit in the Assembly with him (Vijayam), “as he is a political criminal”.

“I also feel sorry for the people who reside in the state you rule. You retained office (April 2021) on account of the PR exercise and the Covid pandemic, but that will not help you any longer, as time is running out for you. You are only a ‘glorified’ Kodi Sunni (a known criminal who is alleged to have the backing of the CPI-M top brass),” adds Sudhakaran.

“There are lots of families with tears because of your acts and I will discuss your stinking past on another occasion. Now the onus is on you to answer the numerous questions that have been raised by the gold smuggling case accused,” said Sudhakaran.

Vijayan rarely meets the media. With the Assembly session going on, the Congress-led opposition is trying to aggressively attack Vijayan, but the general position taken by the CPI-M is to remain silent and not to be provoked by the opposition.

–Ajit Weekly News

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