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High designer denim since 1978 sets a new design language

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The SS’22 collection rightly sets the design language focused on emphasising the Diesel DNA in a modern way: the D logo will now be seen across all categories as the new branding of Diesel.

Creative Director, Glenn Martens says, "The power of diesel is that we talk to so many people. We can push sustainability and innovation, and we can push experimentation and concept. It’s pure Diesel – you need to put it on in two seconds and live your life. For successful living!"

With this endeavour, the brand aims to enhance its perception as the premium lifestyle denim brand and position itself as a top-of-the-mind recall for the ‘Gang of Four’.

"Diesel is denim since 1978 and will continue to be, however, we also want to position ourselves as the premium lifestyle denim brand, an alternative to luxe. We are moving towards a responsible collection while continuously experimenting with & innovating our design language and increasing our category mixes. The goal is no longer to sell products but to deliver value," says, Manu Sharma, Group VP, Reliance Brands Limited.

Manu Sharma, Group VP, Reliance Brands Limited speaks with Ajit Weekly Newslife about the shift in gears:

Tell us about the new logo and why the brand felt the need to do so?

Sharma: The new logo – BIG D is a realisation of the role we want to play and symbolizes shifting gears and moving towards being a premium lifestyle denim brand, alternative to luxe. The D logo will now be seen across all categories as the new branding of Diesel.<br> <br>With regards to the positioning of the brand, Diesel has always had a worldwide cult following, do you feel in India it was not able to resonate with brand enthusiasts and make that connect?

Sharma: The brand in India has done what it always has across the globe. We have been very successful with the already existing Diesel enthusiasts and loyalists. The new positioning approach that we are taking, now gives us the opportunity to talk to a larger, younger and more diverse audience with something to offer to every personality and attitude. Having said that, Diesel is and will continue be denim along with the new positioning. We have over half our customers returning to buy Diesel month on month.<br> <br>Sustainability cannot be ignored today and jeans have come to be known as one of the most environmental polluting wardrobe items… as a brand what are your sustainability initiatives and how do you plan on reducing your footprint?

Sharma: We are now moving towards more responsible and sustainable processes and fabrics across the board for instance, the pillar of Diesel denim takes the old 5 pocket denim fabric and re-proposes it in a more modern and updated version. This collection has a new personality making it the beating heart of the brand processed with washes and treatments having a lower environmental impact and including higher sustainability standards, making Diesel a truly groundbreaking global brand.<br> <br>Diesel fabrics feature low-impact materials, such as organic and recycled textiles. Leather patches are chrome-free tanned, metal buttons and rivets have no galvanised treatments. Inner labels including hang tags are made with recycled materials; cellulosic trims and patches are realised in FSC-certified materials. Washes are performed with innovative techniques that significantly reduce the use of water and chemicals. Garments will offer more product benefits, upgraded treatments and washes.<br> <br>When it comes to marketing do you believe that it has become imperative for brands like yours to tap into the influencer marketing category?

Sharma: With Diesel’s new approach, positioning and increased offering as part of the show collection starting SS22, it is important for us to keep all channels of reaching out to our new and younger audience open. So yes, you will now see a lot more Diesel moving forward even using the influencer driven space.

Lastly your outreach points for this quarter?

Sharma: Our focus continues to be our core which is Denim, however, as we are moving towards becoming a premium lifestyle brand, we are also going to be focusing on other important categories including footwear, underwear and accessories.<br> <br>(Ajit Weekly Newslife can be contacted at Ajit Weekly [email protected])

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