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Google's 'Compatibility Test Suite' gets new developer-powered module

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San Francisco, June 26 (Ajit Weekly News) Tech giant Google is introducing CTS-D, a new module within the CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) that will be utilised by app developers and is open-sourced within the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The new module’s goal is to enable more efficient communication among app developers, OEMs, and Google, while also assisting in resolving compatibility issues to make sure apps run consistently across devices, reports Android Central.

The CTS is already a crucial part of the company’s Android Compatibility programme, where smartphone OEMs run tests on their devices during development to recognise bugs and fix them as early as possible.

Android engineers normally write these tests, and the CTS holds a collection of two million test cases to check Android device compatibility, the report said.

The report mentioned that instead of Android engineers overseeing all the compatibility tests, Google wants to hear what app developers have to say regarding compatibility issues, as they would naturally be more aware of their applications.

That’s where the new CTS-D test suite comes in, as the new module is essentially powered by app developers.

Since app developers utilise the new module, they are allowed to build and contribute test cases to help point out issues and verify compatibility with the best Android phones and other devices.

Google noted that many app developers could have already built their versions of app compatibility tests, and the company wants all of them to contribute their tests to AOSP.

The integration can help these tests reach a more comprehensive range of developers, which translates to helping device OEMs and developers pinpoint and resolve them as soon as possible.

–Ajit Weekly News

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