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Complaint filed against rtd IAS officer for illegally buying agriculture land

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Kheda (Gujarat), June 26 (Ajit Weekly News) The Kheda executive magistrate has filed a complaint with the revenue department against retired IAS officer S.K. Langa, alleging that though he was not a farmer, he bought four hectares of agricultural land in the Viroja village here.

Matar Taluka executive magistrate P.C. Bhagat told the local media that under section 84 of the Gujarat Ganot Dharo (Gujarat Tenancy and Agricultural land Act 1948) the complaint has been filed with the revenue department and once the internal investigation is completed, legal action will be taken under the Act.

The Act’s section 84 says, “Any person unauthorisedly occupying or wrongfully in possession of any land, (a) the transfer 2 (or acquisition) of which either by the Act of parties or by the operation of law is invalid under the provision of this Act, (b) the management of which has been assumed under the said provisions, or (c) to the use and occupation of which he is not entitled under the said provisions and the said provisions do not provide for the eviction of such persons, may be summarily evicted by the Collector.”

Langa retired from the office two years ago, During his tenure as Additional Resident Collector or as collector of other districts, he misused the power, the complaint said.

One such complaint was filed with the police in Panchmahal district, wherein it was alleged that he illegally changed the status of non-farmers to the farmer category in the government records and helped some in buying agricultural land.

Similar allegations were also made against him in Gandhinagar when he was the collector there.

In the Kheda district, the state government examined the revenue records of the last four years (2018-2022) and in the primary inquiry, it was found that some 100 entries were made, where individuals became farmers on revenue records and bought agricultural land.

Sources from the revenue department said if required, the government may seek records from six districts, where Langa has either served as Resident Additional Collector, District Development Officer or District Collector.

–Ajit Weekly News


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