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TN burglar returns money he stole from temple with apology note

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Chennai, June 23 (Ajit Weekly News) When the authorities of the Shiva temple at Lalapet routinely opened the hundi on Tuesday evening, there was a surprise awaiting them. While counting the collection, they found twenty notes of Rs 500 denomination neatly tied with a note which explained with an apology from the person who said that he had stolen money on the occasion of full moon (Poornima) from the temple.

Pournami (Poornima) is believed to be an auspicious day at this temple and people flock in large numbers. The thief had broken open the hundi on the same day expecting a good collection.

He explained in the letter that after the theft, his peace of mind was lost and that he faced innumerable problems at home. Hence, he was returning the money.

The Shiva temple authorities has lodged a complaint with the local police of the hundi being broken and money missing. The temple was also kept shut for a few days for an investigation by Sipcot Police. However, several days of investigation yielded no clue about the robber.

Sipcot Police are, however, not amused and said that the investigation will continue and they will trace the robber in no time.

A senior officer said: “This is not a feeling of guilt, this is only because of the police investigation and he knows that we will catch him for sure.”

The police officer suspects that the burglar may be a person who knows the surroundings and the temple well and hence, he is afraid that the long arm of the law will reach for him.

–Ajit Weekly News

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