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Will you reach home safely after drinks? Delhi Police's satirical graph hits youngsters' raw nerve

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By Ujwal Jalali
New Delhi, June 19 (Ajit Weekly News) Police in the national capital are everyday finding new ways to reach out to the people in this new era of social media and virtual interactions.

On Saturday, the Delhi Police’s new witty graphical representation on the probability of a person reaching home safely after having drinks was loved by the social media users.

The police used all common phrases that are quite famous among the youth of the country — once they are high! The graph was between the “probability of reaching home safe” on the Y-axis and the “number of drinks” a person would have on the X-axis.

As depicted by the graph, the people who would have just a single drink, their probability to reach their home safely was quite high. If the person takes another shot, “One more for the Road”, certainly his or her safety is compromised and the graph declines.

Moving further, the probability declines drastically when one gets high with more drinks. To describe the state of a person, the police cleverly used rapper Hard Kaur’s famous song — ‘Char Baj Gye Lekin Party Abhi Baki Hai’. The party song is from a Bollywood flick ‘FALTU’.

The point which is having the maximum possibility and guaranteed safety, is when any person after less or more drinks says, “I feel drunk, will take a cab home”.

Then comes the Delhi-based youngsters’ most common destination they wish to go after a couple of drinks. Yes, it is ‘Murthal Ke Paranthe’.

Murthal, which is located in Sonipat district of Haryan, 45 km from the national capital, is one stop destination for people to have authentic paranthas that are served with dollops of butter.

But why tipplers like it is because the place is 24 hours open!

At last of the graph comes a point where the safety of a person gets highly compromised and the possibility of him or her safely reaching the home is at the bottom. A remark that might just hit the raw nerve of the youngsters, “Gaadi tera bhai chalayega”.

Delhi Police’s innovative way of discouraging people from breaking the law and simultaneously educating them has several times received praises from the netizens and the residents as well.

(Ujwal Jalali can be reached at [email protected])

–Ajit Weekly News

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