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Sussanne Khan's Pack of Hidden Stories

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"The limited-edition pack design is a beautiful melange of flavours full of mystery and secret notes tucked in the classical blend of Chivas 18, thereby unearthing the hidden treasures of the wonderland of my imagination. Chivas’ unique blend of 85 flavours adds a rich, opulent and an exotic taste to the pack, that reveals a new story every time, unveiling some of its secrets and a haul of visual outburst with each sip. Thus, the theme — ‘The Pack of Hidden Stories’ represents stories hidden inside aromas and treasures buried deep within textures signified through a creative design," reveals Khan

The pack was unveiled at a soiree hosted at The Charcoal Project in Mumbai. The design of the limited edition pack is a representation of the designer’s glamorous curations, inspired by digging deeper into the layers of everyday life, fully realising its magic, and unfolding the hidden treasures around us.

Adds Khan, "It is truly an honour to associate with a premium brand like Chivas and showcase my creativity and vision by designing the Pack for the brand. It is exciting to try something new as a designer and highlight the unique and multi-layered aspect of the blend. Through this collaboration, I would like to inspire more women from different fields to be their creative best and take up challenging yet amazing projects for their professional growth."

Sussanne, who takes her whisky on the rocks says, "’A Pack of Hidden Stories’ unveils an intriguing phantasmagorical realm of world within worlds, that cast a spell which never ends. It highlights my legacy, which embodies a seamless blend of fine craftmanship, something that has been synonyms with my personal style for a long time."

Born and brought up in this coastal city of Mumbai, Susanne revealed that the design is a true representation of her personality. "I have whirlwind of emotions and thoughts that weave into different stories that relate to my life. The different colour pattern showcased in the pack represents the outburst of colours that I am fascinated with. I have conveyed my passion and emotional thoughts into designing the Pack, which is an extension to my personality," adds the celebrity interior designer who is known for her modern decor and style.

Sussanne who features on Most Best Dressed lists, believes fashion is a very personal to each individual. "I often dress up as per my mood. Instead of following trends randomly, I chose to add those items in my closet that boosts my confidence and motivate me to go through the day. I strongly feel that making your own style statement is a fashion that represents your true self."

Commenting on the launch, Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, "Chivas 18 is a complex & multi-dimensional whisky created by master blender Colin Scott that has 85 identifiable flavors in each drop. With 85 flavor notes, every taste is a new experience. The brand’s collaboration with Sussanne Khan leverages her creative imagination to create a beautiful expression of inherent complexity of this luxury brand. The pack is a celebration of rich craftmanship and an amalgamation of art and flavour, that adds richness to the unique design. With this association, Chivas becomes one of the prominent Scotch whisky brands in India to collaborate with a celebrated woman designer for its limited-edition pack."<br> <br>(Ajit Weekly Newslife can be contacted at Ajit Weekly [email protected])

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