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Are influencers crucial for brand engagement?

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Today, when brands and influencers align, they possess the power to not only amplify their audience but also increase engagement and conversions for both parties. With the Influencers working to build a community through their followers and supporters, each brand gets a chance to associate a credible face to their product or services that people can trust and follow. This influence is something that every influencer has to build for themselves, with consistent and credible content that in turn helps them collaborate with businesses and help them achieve their brand marketing and engagement goals.

Sharing their thoughts on the evolving influencer industry, Pushppal Singh Bhatia from the popular influencer duo — That couple though shares, "Influencers are and will stay a medium to develop a trust factor for any business for their niched audience. Every sector, right from fashion, food, and lifestyle to finance and many other niches have credible influencers that have become an accessible medium for brands to reach their target audience. Even social media platforms have started to acknowledge the role of influencers with their new subscription features."

Ravneet Kaur further adds, "People resonate with people, with influencers, brands get to connect with their audiences on a personal level as its more of an organic content when you compare it to commercial advertisements. A lot of times, influencers are given the liberty to voice their personal take on the product/service which also ensures the audience is not forced to like a certain thing."

The influence of influencers is only on the rise. An interesting thing to see is how social media further transforms with the influencer marketing industry only growing stronger.

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