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Ajit Weekly News CVoter Snap Poll: Majority of Indians disapprove of bulldozer action of Yogi govt

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New Delhi, June 15 (Ajit Weekly News) The Yogi Government has acted tough against the people accused of participating in the violence that broke out in different cities of Uttar Pradesh over controversial remarks of BJP spokespersons about Prophet Muhammad.

Properties of the alleged rioters were demolished in different cities of the state. However, majority of Indians dont agree with the ‘bulldozer’ action of the Yogi Government against the alleged rioters, as per the findings of the nationwide survey conducted by CVoter on behalf of Ajit Weekly News on the issue.

According to the survey data, while 60 per cent of the respondents opined that demolishing the houses of the alleged rioters without following judicial process is wrong, 40 per cent of those who participated in the countrywide poll approved the action of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Predictably, during the survey while the majority of NDA voters supported the action of the Yogi government, majority of opposition supporters spoke against it.

As per the survey data, 55 per cent of the NDA supporters said Yogi Government has done the right thing by razing the houses of the alleged rioters, about 71 per cent of the opposition voters spoke against the action of Uttar Pradesh government.

The country is witnessing massive protests in different states over inflammatory remarks of a BJP spokesperson about Prophet Mohammad. The protests turned violent in some states after Friday prayers as people indulged in stone pelting and damaged property inviting tough action from the Yogi Government.

Hundreds of those accused of participating in the violence were arrested and houses/properties of some have been demolished. The demolitions have invited condemnation from opposition leaders, who accused the Yogi Government – of targeting the minority Muslim community.

–Ajit Weekly News

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