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No gods before parents, says Karnataka High Court

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Bengaluru, June 14 (Ajit Weekly News) The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday quoting ‘Manusmriti’, made an observation that there are no gods before parents and one can not pay them back. The bench made the remark while looking into the habeas corpus petition.

“There are parents who sacrificed everything for their children. There are children who have given up everything for their parents,” the court further stated.

The father of a 19-year-old engineering student had filed a petition, stating his daughter is missing. The father also pleaded with the court to hand over the custody of his daughter to him. The daughter, an engineering student, has married a driver.

The bench headed by Justice B. Veerappa and Justice K.S. Hemalekha stated that love is blind and parents’ love is not seen.

“What had been done to parents might also happen to the children tomorrow,” the bench said, adding: “When there is lack of mutual love, circumstances like this come up.”

The bench after making these remarks dismissed the habeas corpus petition filed by the father underlining that the daughter is not a minor, and she has the right of choice.

The court said the girl has stated before the court that she is an adult, and has married the person whom she loves.

Her husband also gave an assurance to the court that he will take care of her properly.

–Ajit Weekly News


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