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Goa govt sleeping like 'Kumbhakarana': Kirti Azad

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Panaji, June 5 (Ajit Weekly News) While specifically referring to the destruction of a large tract of mangroves near the state capital, Trinamool Congress’ Goa in-charge Kirti Azad remarked on Sunday that BJP is sleeping like the mythical Kumbhakarna amid rampant environmental degradation in the state.

Kirti Azad visited the mangrove destruction site at Ribandar in North Goa on Sunday and said that TMC will not remain silent on this issue, but will stage demonstrations to send the message that such destruction will not be tolerated.

He added that Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane had assured to take action within 16 days against those involved in destruction, however, he failed.

“Now state government should tell us what action they have taken in the last 16 days. Mangroves are a protected species and if that gets spoiled, trees are cut, then the government should take immediate action,” he said.

“Were you sleeping for the last 16 days, were you sleeping like Kumbharakarana- who used to sleep for six months? Or you will wake up after six years?” Azad said.

“People need to fight against injustice by coming together if the environment, state, and nation are at threat. Mangroves are a unique form of nature. It attracts birds, crocodiles, and many species live there,” he said.

“Mangrove species are protected by law. In Goa such mangroves are destroyed. We need to protect it for Goa,” Azad said.

–Ajit Weekly News

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