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Live painting/sketch drawing are second nature to Fazeela Jan

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Fazeela lives on Ali Jan road in old city Eidgah locality of Srinagar.

"I was initially attracted to sketch drawing till I met Sahil Manzoor, the local artist. I requested him to guide me. He told me to join his art campaigns and projects. Since then we have done many projects together including spot paintings, wall paintings, among others", she said.

Fazeela was given the emerging young artist award by a charitable organisation. She says there is lot of talent in local boys and girls and wants the authorities to move in to explore and give opportunities to the budding local artists.

Among her local projects, Fazeela said she has done the Lal Chowk wall of kindness and another project in the Badami Bagh Cantonment area of Srinagar.

"In order to follow your passion, you have to have the support of your family. And, the second important thing is to ignore those who want to distract you.

"Like my relatives used to tell me that there is nothing left in paintings and I must focus on my studies alone.

"This is something one has to overlook. These discouragements have to be ignored and then alone can you achieve your goal," she said.

She said live painting projects have made her a known face among the people in Srinagar.

"I am just a learner and if someone tells me that I am an artist, that is the thrill for which an artist lives", she believes.

She said the local budding artists need platforms as this is what is lacking here.

"The government must encourage a society of local artists who can then conveniently seek platforms. That would be the real encouragement for all of us", she asserted.

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