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Gangs of Punjab: Militants, drug smugglers, gangs work in tandem to terrorise state

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By Sanjeev Sharma
New Delhi, June 4 (Ajit Weekly News) As Mirzapur meets Mansa, the Gangs of Punjab have now hit national and international headlines, probably the biggest blowback of high profile gangland killings in a while similar to the erstwhile Bombay underworld attacks many years ago.

As per media reports, now the terrorists’ angle is coming into the stunning hit job on Punjabi singing superstar Sidhu Moosewala’s murder.

Sidhu Moosewala was said to have been shot dead by gangsters on May 29 in Jawaharke village in a gruesome daylights assassination. Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility for the murder.

According to reports, it is also being revealed that the murder was carried out by Lawrence Bishnoi along with Harinder Singh Rinda, a Khalistani terrorist of Babbar Khalsa. It is suspected that the assassination of Sidhu Moosewala was carried out by an alliance of gangsters and terrorists, True Scoop reported.

The SIT set up by Punjab DGP V.K. Bhavra has also been asked to look into this aspect of the alliance of terrorists and gangsters.

According to sources, the Babbar Khalsa militants may have helped the gangsters in providing the weapons used to carry out the anti-social activities.

Babbar Khalsa is already trying to terrorise Punjab for a long time. The recent incidents in the state, terror activities, and the smuggling of arms are being done because they want to terrorise the people of Punjab. Terrorists, smugglers, and gangsters are working together to create an atmosphere of terror, the report said.

Harinder Singh Rinda is considered to be a key man of Babbar Khalsa and a new face of terrorism has emerged shortly. He was also named in the recent attack on the Mohali Intelligence Headquarters.

Rinda was an old gangster who later turned into a terrorist. His name has been associated with many terrorists and gangsters in the past. When it comes to the alliance of these gangsters and terrorists, it first came to knowledge in November 2016 when the terrorists and gangsters escaped from Nabha Jail, True Scoop reported.

When it comes to weapons, the gangsters nowadays have the latest technology weapons that are not easily available. It is noted that these weapons are being given to these gangsters only by terrorists. The gangster had also used the latest technology Russian weapon AN-94 in the murder of Sidhu Moosewala. It has revealed that terrorists and gangsters had been doing surveillance together for several months of Moosewala, the report said.

According to Central agencies, arms shipments have reached Punjab to such an extent that it is not easy for the police to deal with them. Terrorists and gangsters are currently using AN-94, Assault Rifle, C-30 Pistol, Beretta Pistol, GLOCK 17, and Rocket Propelled Grenade weapons.

The Punjab Police also have some modern weapons but not enough to make them available to every police officer. In addition to AK-47, 303, ALR, and LMG, the Punjab Police has American Made Roger 38 bore. However, the force has 1.25 lakh weapons on 82,000 counts which has not changed much, True Scoop reported.

For the last few months, gang wars are increasing in Punjab. Their numbers surged and there was a spurt in extortion and loot, striking fear in the hearts of residents. After the killing of Kabaddi player Sandeep Nangal Ambiya Punjabi, singer Mankirat Aulakh received death threats, True Scoop reported earlier.

The following gangs are currently operating in Punjab:

1. Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang

Jasdeep Singh AKA gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria is a well-known name in Punjab. He is a youth icon for many sports players and Kabaddi lovers. He is also known as the ‘Supari King’ in Punjab. Jaggu is famous for his criminal activities mostly in the Majha area of Punjab. Jaggu and his gang were the main accused in the killing of the son of a Sarpanch in Dhianpur Village on Diwali Night, True Scoop reported.

2. Lawrence Bishnoi group

He is a well-known criminal in Punjab and Student Organization Punjab University (SOPU) leader. He has been imprisoned many times and has over 25 cases registered against him including cases of attempt to murder, extortion, snatching, carjacking and under the Arms Act in Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana.

3. Jaipal Bhullar gang

Punjab’s most wanted gangster Jaipal Bhullar and his close aide Jassi Kharar were killed in a joint operation by Punjab Police, West Bengal Police and central security agencies during an encounter at Shahpurji Enclave in Kolkata in June 2021. His name is again making headlines due to the arrest of Jaipal Bhullar’s close associate by Mohali Police in Kharar in April this year.

4. Bambiha Group

Davinder Bambiha was one of the most dangerous gangsters in Punjab. Davinder Bambiha was encountered by Punjab Police in 2016 because of his criminal activities. His group is still active in Punjab. Recently, the Davinder Bambiha group has claimed the responsibility for threatening Punjabi singer Mankirt Aulakh in their Facebook post, True Scoop reported.

The Gangs of Punjab are known to target Punjabi singers and Kabaddi players.

Punjabi music industry has become the number one music industry in India. Singers easily get name and fame. It’s easy for gangsters to target them for extortion. Singers like Mankirt Aulakh and Parmish Verma received death threats, True Scoop reported.

The music industry promotes guns and violence through their songs, and the gangsters find Punjabi singers as their soft target.

Youth is inclined towards these professions. To build an image among the youth, they target Kabaddi players and singers, the report said.

–Ajit Weekly News

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