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119 unregistered vessels found in annual inspection of TN fisheries department

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Chennai, May 31 (Ajit Weekly News) A total of 119 unregistered vessels were found by Tamil Nadu fishing department in its annual inspection in the delta districts of the state.

The annual inspection of vessels was done between May 25 and 26, a statement from the department said on Tuesday.

The department inspected 1,580 vessels, of which 119 vessels, including 76 purse seine boats, were not registered.

Registration with the concerned state fisheries department is a mandatory requirement for fishermen to wade out on sea, insurance and all other government-related compensation.

Other than Nagapattinam, Mayiladuthurai district also reported 78 vessels that were not registered and 69 of them were purse seine vessels.

Nine trawlers were also reported in the district without license. Fisheries department officials told Ajit Weekly News that most of these trawlers were bought recently and hence not registered.

A fishing trawler owner from Nagapattinam, Rajashekharan told Ajit Weekly News: “We just bought this trawler and will register soon.”

Boat owners’ association also told Ajit Weekly News that most of the new vessels are yet to be registered and it will spread awareness on mandatory registration of boats.

–Ajit Weekly News


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