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Palestine urges Israel to call off flag march

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Ramalllah, May 26 (Ajit Weekly News) Palestinian authorities have urged the Israeli government to call off “the provocative flag march” scheduled to take take place in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Palestinian presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh warned that allowing the Israeli flag march to pass through Islamic neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem “would lead to tension and violence”, reports Xinhua news agency

“Israel underestimates the determination of the Palestinian people and their leadership, who can withstand and challenge the Israeli insistence to organise the march of flags in the old city of Jerusalem,” Abu Rudeineh told reporters.

He held the Israeli government “fully responsible for this escalation that would flame tension and violence”, adding that “the Palestinians can defend Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian sanctities”.

Abu Rudeineh called on the US to take a clear and explicit stance toward the Israeli provocations and remove ambiguity in Palestinian-American relations by implementing its words and preserving its credibility under international law.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli media reported that the police ordered a state of alert in Jerusalem for fear of an outbreak of tensions when the flag march take place.

Last week, the Israeli police agreed to allow the flag march to pass on its regular route through Damascus Gate and the Islamic Quarter in East Jerusalem.

In May 2021, the flag march sparked military tension between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip that lasted for 11 days.

More than 200 Palestinians and over 10 Israelis were killed.

–Ajit Weekly News


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