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Pak will turn into SL if Imran is arrested: Ex-Minister

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Islamabad, May 16 (Ajitweekly News) Pakistan’s former Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has warned that former Prime Minister Imran Khan is arrested, the country will turn into Sri Lanka which is currently undergoing its worst economic crisis.

Rasheed said that the incumbent coalition government had become directionless and was unable to handle the situation, Geo News reported.

“The government should call Nawaz Sharif back now.”

Rasheed said that if Khan is arrested, the PTI has already devised a strategy to deal with the situation, adding that the country would plunge into a political crisis and would witness a Sri Lanka-like situation.

Taking a jibe a the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition of parties that successfully toppled the PTI-led government through a motion of no-confidence, Rasheed said that Khan had become the nation’s hero despite his ouster, Geo News reported.

Later on, while addressing a rally in Faisalabad, Rasheed said that the country is soon going to become a defaulter, therefore, state institutions should intervene.

“Shehbaz Sharif, you should address the nation and declare whether you’re going to go to the International Monetary Fund or not,” he said, adding that the country has fallen short of $6 billion within a month.

–Ajitweekly News


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