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Aus PM denies poor poll results changing election campaign strategy

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Canberra, May 16 (Ajitweekly News) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday denied a change in attitude on the election campaign trail has been driven by poor poll results.

With the general elections to be held on Saturday, Morrison’s governing Coalition trails the opposition Labor Party in all opinion polls, reports Xinhua news agency.

Facing election uncertainty, Morrison has shifted towards a softer persona in the final week of the campaign, promising to “empathise a lot more” if given a second term in office.

Asked about whether polls had influenced the change, Morrison on Monday denied the suggestion.

“I’m just being honest with people. Over the last three years, it’s required a lot of strength to take Australia through (the pandemic) and we are continuing to need that strength,” he told reporters.

“But what will change in the next few years is opportunities will increase.”

According to polls, the Labor Party is set to win up to 85 out of 151 seats in the lower house of Parliament and form a majority government for the first time since 2010.

Morrison on Monday faced criticism over his first home buyer affordability policy.

Speaking at the Coalition’s official campaign launch on Sunday, the prime minister announced if re-elected the government would allow first home buyers to access up to 40 percent of their retirement fund to pay for a house.

Jason Clare, Labor’s housing spokesman, described the policy as “throwing kerosene on a bonfire”.

–Ajitweekly News


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