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Hungary's first female President inaugurated

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Budapest, May 15 (Ajitweekly News) Hungary’s first-ever female President Katalin Novak gave a message of hope and unity following her inauguration.

“In addition to the responses given to pandemics, security threats and economic challenges, I am hopeful that we shall still have strength for further constructions in the future,” she said in front of Parliament building on Saturday.

Novak vowed to stand above party lines during her upcoming years in office.

“My task is to find the places where Hungarians belong together. I will look for and show the things in our lives that are beyond the natural opposition of party politics,” she said.

The ceremony started with military honours.

Following the flag-raising ceremony, Novak and the dignitaries listened to the national anthem of Hungary, and then Laszlo Kover, Speaker of Parliament, presented the official decision to elect the President.

On March 10, Parliament elected Novak as the first female president of the country.

Novak started her political career in 2001 at the foreign ministry, specialising in European matters.

In December 2021, SHE stepped down as minister upon her nomination.

The Hungarian President, whose duties are largely ceremonial, is elected by Parliament.

–Ajitweekly News


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