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Not govt alone, people too should contribute towards garbage management: Goa CM

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Panaji, May 13 (Ajit Weekly News) People should also shell out money for garbage management, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Friday, adding that if the government dishes out everything free of cost, then the people do not realise the value.

Sawant also said that the state government had already spent crores on legacy waste left behind by erstwhile non-BJP governments.

He was speaking after inaugurating ‘Common-Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility’ at Kundaim Industrial Estate, in Ponda Taluka of South Goa.

“This (clean and green Goa) will not happen only with the expenditure of the government, but people will have to contribute towards it by bearing little amount,” Sawant said.

Currently, the Goa government provides free water upto 16,000 litres to the people and recently Chief Minister has announced three LPG cylinders free for BPL families for a year.

Sawant also said that there was need to preserve the state’s environment for posterity with a focus on the next 50 years.

“We will lift garbage from roads, beaches and even from your houses to treat it. While doing this if you have to bear a little cost, then everyone needs to tolerate it,” Sawant said.

“Stop throwing garbage on roads and in river water. Keep it in designated areas of villages and cities, where your local bodies asks to. This will help to lift and treat the garbage,” he further said.

He also that erstwhile non-BJP governments had failed to give thought towards garbage treatment which has resulted in garbage dumps at several places. “Now it is easy to ask the government to treat it. We have spent crores of rupees on this legacy waste,” he said.

“At the time when Goa’s exchequer was strong, that time if they (non-BJP governments) had given thought and managed to treat garbage then it would have become easy. Now my government is thinking of all possible ways for a clean and green Goa.” Sawant said.

–Ajit Weekly News


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