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You will never be bored in Sri Lanka because there are so many attractions and popular places to visit. The Kuragala Monastery is one of Sri Lanka’s many renowned tourist destinations, having recently been designated as an archaeological reserve by the government. Kuragala is said to be Sri Lanka’s most ancient archaeological site. The Ella Rock cliff, Horton Plains National Park, Dhowa Rock Temple and other famous sights are all nearby Kuragala Monastery.

1.   Dhowa Rock Temple:

This Temple is a secured historic monument and one of the most amazing sites to visit in Badulla, Sri Lanka. It is an old village nestled in the soaring mountains of Uwa province. This renowned sight in the area is known for its stunning sculptures and paintings that cover the temple’s walls.  There’s even a tunnel and a cave. No one, however, is allowed to go inside the tunnel.

2.   Ella Rock:

Ella is a lovely village in Sri Lanka’s Uva Province that will remind you of the English countryside. Ella Rock offers the greatest views of the tea plantations, lush green meadows and railway lines. It is the village’s tallest cliff, offering stunning views and making it one of Sri Lanka’s top hikes. It is only when you have reached the summit that you will understand why the hike up to the summit is worthwhile. Even the weather, which is a combination of misty, sunny, and cloudy, provides a compelling cause to ascend the steep path. The Ella Railway Station is the starting and ending point of this lovely, enchanting trail.

3.   Horton Plains National Park:

Horton Plains National Park is located in Sri Lanka’s central highlands and is characterized by montane grassland and cloud forest. Horton Plains is the island’s highest plateau. The forests are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

4.   Hakgala Botanical Garden:

The Hakgala Botanical Garden is a lovely spot with several areas. The biggest botanical park in Sri Lanka, located roughly 16 kilometres from Nuwara Eliya, was founded in 1861 as experimental Cinchona cultivation under George Henry Kendrick Thwaites. The Rose Garden, Fernery, Arboretum, Upper Flower Garden, Central Pond, Rock Garden, Bulb Garden, and a variety of unique plantations are among the many attractions.

5.   Bambarakanda Waterfalls:

If you’re on a Ratnapura district trip, Bambarakanda Waterfall is a must-see attraction. It stands at a height of 790 feet, making it Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall. You can take a small hike up the mountains to reach this waterfall. The waterfall is encircled by pine trees, and the cliff’s top is surrounded by the mist of the times, providing a stunning scene.

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