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To lead a happy, healthy life, it is important that you strike a balance and your mind, body and soul are at peace. While many lead their hectic lives without taking a break in between, having no time to introspect, others believe in channelising their energies by making use of different available methods like yoga, meditation among others. 

Ever in your daily routine, have you heard about Brahma Muhurat, Ambrosial Hours, Amrit Vela? Well, there is a chance you have and without really knowing what it stands for, tried to brush the thought surrounding it away. 

Famous Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal in an interview with Zee News Digital explains the concept and if it really helps in one’s success. 

Brahma means the source, it also refers to the time when the beginning of the day is before the sun rises. For example, if the sun rises at 6 am in your city, 3 hours before Sunrise is referred to as Brahma Muhurat. 

Now, does Brahma Muhurat really have significance on a person’s success? Yes, it does both scientifically and spiritually. But before that let’s understand what success means to you – it could be Financial Success, Personal life success, Studies and Academic Success, Health Success, etc.

To understand scientifically: The human mind has a conscious and subconscious mind and both have their times of operation. When you go to sleep your conscious mind sleeps and your subconscious mind is working. 

Ambrosial hours are the time when your conscious mind is about to wake up and your subconscious mind is also alert. Your conscious mind has limited magnetic power, but the subconscious mind has powerful tools which you can use in this time in a 24 hours day circle. 

For e.g. in Delhi, ambrosial hours would be 3 am-6 am.

When young kids are asked to wake up and study early, but why? Because they remember well, dwell on the subject well, grasp well. Similarly, People do Pooja, Namaz, Amrit Vani paath before Sunrise. But why? Scientifically at this hour, your city’s geographical location is at a certain angle from the Sun.

To avail of, most benefits of Brahma Muhurat, your Tailbone, Crown Chakra, your head have to be straight in a line. If you are Slouching or lying down you won’t be able to reap the benefits of this hour. 

Waking up in Brahma Muhurat activates and aligns your dreams, progress in life spiritually, financially, educationally, relationships, a career with the Brahma Gyan that is within you. For example, traffic is more in the noon as compared to early morning. 

Because most of the world is sleeping at this hour. Similarly, by waking up in Brahma Muhurat, an Individual gets faster speed and space to connect with the higher power. Space is one of the five elements we are made up of and waking up at Brahma Muhurat, allows us to connect with the Space element. 

What to do after waking up at Brahma Muhurat?

Keep notebook and pen handy. Start writing gratitude for the positive vibe and beginning of the day.

Write gratitude: for your home, your books, job, the money you have, friends you have, wonderful times you enjoyed in past. Then whatever dream you have, write it down after writing your gratitude.

For example, if your business is in the breakdown and you want to earn certain turnover, or you’re looking for success in a job or promotion:  give gratitude for all the jobs you have done in past, gratitude for whatever work you are doing in present and then give gratitude for the work you are expecting to do in future like you are already living that dream right now: how you are contributing to the company, what you’re doing, give gratitude as you have already received that work in the present.

The law of attraction is always working, however, its speed amplifies during Brahma Muhurat because of less traffic and a certain angle between you and the Sun. Your request, ardas, wishes to Universe reaches much faster at this hour. it will give velocity for you to reach and receive answers to your dream. 

If you are looking for an idea, write your question in Brahma Muhurat, give gratitude and you shall receive an answer. You will not need anyone outside of you to answer them, but if you do this practice for a certain period of time, you will yourself feel the higher power telling you the life answers.

Write, when you start writing, you feel a connection with divine power, the universe starts answering the deepest answers. Scientists, Business tycoons have received the greatest ideas in these hours. Newton, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, testify to wake up in Ambrosial Hours and have received some of the greatest ideas and answers in these times.

The ambrosial hour will depend on the time of sunrise in your city and may fluctuate from summer to winter, wake up 3 hours before. 8 pehers of the day, but sow seeds for best results is Brahma Muhurat. Sowing good seeds for your dream day, dream week, and a dream life.

(DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are those of the expert (Ontologist) here. Readers discretion is advised.)

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