1000 Omicron Cases In 2-3 Weeks, Million In 2 Months, Warns Covid Expert Committee Member


New Delhi: As the anticipation around a third covid infection wave deepens, Dr. T S Anish from the Covid Expert Committee has warned that as per the global trends, India may reach 1,000 Omicron cases in two to three weeks, and have around a million cases in the next two months. 

He added that there is less than a month before a major outbreak and the country needs to work towards preventing it. 

“Global trends show that number of #Omicron cases is going to reach 1000 in 2-3 weeks & one million, maybe, in 2 months. We don’t have more than a month before a major outbreak happens in India. We need to prevent this,” said Dr. Anish while talking to news agency ANI. 

Dr. Anish’s statement comes amid a rapid surge of cases across the country, which has led to the imposition of night curfews and other restrictions by different states. 

So far, India has 358 Omicron cases, most of which are found in fully vaccinated individuals. As per the update till December 24, the highest number of cases are in Maharashtra at 88, followed by Delhi at 67.

In light of the increasing cases of Omicron in the country, some states have imposed night curfews, and restrictions on Christmas and New Year celebrations. The states which have imposed restrictions include Delhi, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

Apart from this, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have imposed night curfews to prevent the spread of Omicron. 

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