Your love completes me: Harbhajan Singh thanks wife Geeta Basra ‘for always being there’ | Cricket News


Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh announced retirement from all forms of the game on Friday (December 19). In his retirement speech, posted on his YouTube channel, he thanked everyone who helped him grow in his career. 

Speaking on how big a role his family has helped, he said, “My father Sardar Sardev Singh Plaha and mother Avtar Kaur Plaha have struggled a lot to make my dreams come true. It is only due to their hard work that I was able to play international cricket for India. I pray to god to again be born as their son in next life.”

Harbahajan also thanked his sisters for continuing to pray to god throughout his career so that he does well on the cricket pitch. He said, “My sisters have done so many prayers for me and due to their efforts, I have been blessed with so much happiness in my life. I would never be able to pay back what they have done for me. I know I have not spent time with you all and I don’t know how many RakshaBandhan have passed like this but now I will not give any opportunity to you all to make a complaint about my absence. You are my rockstars, my sister. I love you. You are the pillars of my family.” 

The 41-year-old cricketer had a message for his wife Geeta Basra as well. He said that without her, he is incomplete and that she has been through thick and thin with him.

He said, “My wife Geeta. I just want to tell you that your love completes me. Thank you for being there in this journey. You have seen my best and worst both. Now I have enough time to spend with you. You won’t complain about time now. Hinaya Heer and Jovan Veer, both of you are my life. When you both grow up, I hope you you two will realise what your father used to do. I am happy that now I will have time to watch you both grow and get to spend a lot of time with you all.”

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