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Besides selling medicines and wellness products, pharmacies are now emerging as e-clinics: Shreyans Mehta, Sehat SathiShahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Shreyans Mehta, Co-Founder, Sehat Sathi, to know more about health care start-ups and thier current focus on digital services.

What is the trend that you see in health care start-ups today?
As of 2021, the latest healthcare tech trends are online medicine, telehealth services, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. According to the 2021 Future of Healthcare Report, nearly 80% of Healthcare systems are planning to increase their investment in these digital healthcare trends over the next five years.
High demand for personalized medicine and growing pressure to cut down on healthcare costs are the key factors that directly impact these unavoidable measures. Covid-19 pandemic has had an incredible impact on healthcare digitalization, so it is expected that more healthcare providers will lean towards these technologies in the upcoming years.

Healthcare Technology Trends in 2022-
– Artificial Intelligence
-New Technologies in Mental Healthcare
-Remote Patient Monitoring
-Digital Therapeutics

Do you think, Tech-enabled healthcare solutions can bridge the gap between rural and urban ecosystems
The past few years, especially the time of pandemic, have put the spotlight on India’s healthcare system. The pandemic not only accelerated the adoption of digital strategy initiatives for healthcare organisations, but also created and increased the dependency on technology amongst all the sections of society. It is now up to the healthcare sector how they leverage this and make it a part of their ecosystem.

What is the approach that you are looking forward to in Tier 2,3 cities?
For every population of 1800, there is one pharmacy in India in total 1.6 million pharmacies cater to the population of 50 million.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are majorly dependent on retail pharmacies. We are digitising them and creating a network by leveraging technology to provide healthcare services. These pharmacies are now connecting with the users and vice-versa on digital platforms. The users can choose amongst their local pharmacies to order, get the best price, and get their medicines delivered to their homes. We are creating a sustainable healthcare ecosystem where the pharmacies and users can both benefit from each other. These pharmacies, along with medicines, are now selling wellness products and becoming e-clinic to provide online consultations.

Your future plans and vision to carry this forward.

After Rajasthan, we are currently expanding to Uttar Pradesh. Going forward we plan to have more than 5 million users and digitize more than half a million medical stores by 2022. We are developing an Uber-like model for doctors (doctor aggregator platform), where they can earn by consulting patients, on-demand and availability, and patients, on the other hand, will get to reach doctors with just a click of a button.

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