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In this blog, I will tell you about the 5 amazing and colourful festivals of Bhutan.

  • Thimphu Tshechu Festival:

The Festival, also known as the National Festival of Bhutan, is the country’s most famous festival. The mask dances are done to bless the viewers and teach them Buddhist doctrine at Tendrel Thang (a festival site). It is said that attending these festivities will bring you good luck.

  • Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu Festival:

Wangdue Phodrang is famous for its Lozeys, or beautiful speeches and songs. After the construction of a fortress in 1639, the annual festival was started. The main attraction is ‘The Dance of Ox,’ where individuals dance to ensure a pleasant afterlife. The event comes to a close with the unveiling of the Guru Tshengye Thongdrol, or giant paintings.

  • Punakha Tshechu and Drubchen Festival:

A dramatic representation of the 17th-century fight with the Tibetan army may be found at the Punakha Drubchen. Local military men dress up in historical uniforms and reenact the entire battle. The celebration commemorates the victory and honours the Thimphu citizens who came out to push the Tibetan army out of their nation. 

This festival is one of Bhutan’s most important religious festivals, celebrated in the Paro Dzongkhag area. This festival lasts for five days and takes place in the second Bhutanese lunar month, usually in the spring. Monks and laypeople dress up and dance together in colourful clothes.

This festival is a three-day festival featuring costumes and traditional folk dances. The Mask Dance, the major attraction, is a time when residents ask the gods for favours and plead for help in overcoming their misfortunes.

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