biden: China’s communists bash US democracy before Biden summit


BEIJING: China’s Communist Party took American democracy to task on Saturday, sharply criticising a global democracy summit being hosted by President Joe Biden next week and extolling the virtues of its governing system.
Party officials questioned how a polarised country that botched its response to Covid-19 could lecture others and said that efforts to force others to copy the Western democratic model are โ€œdoomed to fail.โ€
Tian Peiyan, the deputy director of the party’s Policy Research Office, said the pandemic exposed defects in the American system. He blamed the high Covid-19 death toll in the US on political disputes and a divided government from the highest to the lowest levels.
โ€œSuch democracy brings not happiness but disaster to voters,โ€ he said at a news conference to release a government report on what the Communist Party calls its form of democracy, which is firmly under party control.
Biden, who has made a competition between democracies and autocracies a central theme of his presidency, has invited about 110 governments to a two-day virtual โ€œSummit for Democracyโ€ starting Thursday. Neither China nor Russia have been invited.

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