Lush deactivating some social accounts until platforms create safer environment


Lush Cosmetics says it will deactivate its Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat accounts on Friday in an effort to address what it says are consumers’ mental health challenges.

The company says the brand’s global presence across the platforms will remain deactivated until the platforms take action to provide a safer environment for users.

Lush says it is investing in new ways to connect and for now can still be found on Twitter and YouTube.

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Facebook whistleblower says platform amplifies online hate, extremism

The company says it previously tried this in 2019 with Lush’s U.K. channels, but says its resolve has been strengthened by recent information.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen has said Facebook prioritizes engagement and user growth over online safety.

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Documents from the former Facebook data scientist have suggested the social media giant has known about the harms its products cause and often did little or nothing to mitigate them.


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