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Studying abroad is an adventure.

An incredible life experience.

One that gives you innumerable learnings.

Educational and otherwise!

To help you on this roller coaster of a journey, is Thomas Cook, your Fantastic Forex Friend.

In this blog, we bring to you basic budgeting tips for a sustainable semester.

Donโ€™t worry, practice makes perfect.

Plus, our expert outward remittance service has you covered, always.

Create an expense spreadsheet

As an international student, youโ€™ll surely be adept at using Microsoft Excel. As such, Fantastic Forex Friend suggests that you make use of those skills and put together an expense spreadsheet. After all, the key to managing your expenses is keeping track of the various categories, amounts, and bill cycles. Think of it as building a study timetable. But this time, instead of subjects, you have cost groups.

Donโ€™t exceed your monthly allowance

Now, we canโ€™t stress the importance of maintaining a monthly budget. Not only does this instill a great sense of discipline, but it also helps you learn the value of money. Plus, it ensures you never run out of student forex! There are several reliable Apple/Android apps that can help you create your budget and stick to it. But for when you dip into next monthโ€™s allowance, Thomas Cook has got your back with the quick outward remittance feature.ย 

Invest in travel cards

Investing in travel cards will save you a lot of student forex, especially if you are the type of person who enjoys exploring a place and visiting different suburbs. Additionally, you may be traveling for the purpose of an internship. Travel cards for subway systems, buses, trains, trams, and even flights, can be available, often with extra discounts for students.

Inquire about meal options

Most colleges and universities have dedicated dining halls, canteens, or food courts that are available to students who live on and off-campus. Students may curate their own meal plan from a range of options including a specific number of meals at a set price or an unlimited access option. However, if you have access to a kitchen, you may decide not to buy a meal plan and opt to cook for yourself, which is often a much cheaper and flexible option.

Buy course material second hand

Textbooks can be an expensive proposition. However, with extensive reading material provided by the university, thereโ€™s no need to purchase every book on the subject list. Students typically borrow set texts from the library, whenever required. Furthermore, they scout out for second-hand copies online or through the university. So, make sure to find the most cost-effective option available to you.

As you can see, Thomas Cook, your Fantastic Forex Friend, is full of helpful budgeting tips.

Not only will we ensure you get the most out of your student forex, but we will also be there to replenish it when you fall short!

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