A Very Happy Birthday with Fantastic Forex Friend


You can make your child’s birthday a special one, even if they’re away for overseas education, with outward foreign remittance.

Birthdays are always special occasions, especially if it’s your child’s day of celebration. But how will you celebrate it when they are studying abroad? While flying down for a surprise visit would be the ultimate gift, it is not always feasible, financially as well as practically. There’s a pandemic raging across the world and international travel guidelines are constantly being updated. But you could make their birthday special by ensuring that they get to celebrate it without worrying about INR to USD conversion rates. Let them enjoy themselves with the time outward foreign remittance feature.

Outward remittance is just like forex for students. The processes and procedures are the same, and when you buy forex for students from Thomas Cook, it comes with fair rates and peace of mind. You can either do it online or visit your nearest Thomas Cook branch. When you buy forex for your child’s birthday, it is the best gift you can give them. It is your way of telling them that you trust them to be sensible with money, even when it concerns a birthday celebration.

Thomas Cook: The reliable forex partner

Buying foreign exchange can either be a drawn-out ordeal, full of hassles or it could be a seamless process that works with clockwork precision. Thomas Cook not only simplifies the whole process but also keeps you in the loop all through it all. You can send money to your loved one abroad with a few clicks of the mouse or a few swipes on your smartphone. It will save you the hassle of stepping outside and ensure you stay safe from needless contact with crowds. Buying forex has never been easier!

From selecting your currency to making sure your child receives the money, it is a simple and transparent process. Start by choosing the currency you wish to send. Thomas Cook offers a wide selection. Next, you must enter all the details of the person to whom you are sending the money. This step ensures that the money can be tracked in transit until it reaches the intended receiver. Transfer the money you wish to send online using a debit card, credit card, or net banking. It eliminates the need for you to step out. And you’re done! You have just bought forex for your loved one.

Thomas Cook simplifies forex

At its core, buying forex is a tedious task without a reliable forex provider. There are many laws and compliances to follow. Thomas Cook has years of experience and RBI’s authorization to deal in foreign exchange. You get a trusted forex partner along with fair and stable currency exchange rates. You not only get full value for your money but also get the advantage of blocking superior exchange rates. At the other end of the pipeline is a trusted global network of expert forex agents. Making your child’s birthday special is now just a click away. Take out that smartphone and get #gharpeforex.

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