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CHANDIGARH: The cracker ban went up in smoke on Diwali as the air quality downgraded from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘severe’ in a few hours. An AQI (air quality index) of 465 was recorded at the Sector 25 monitoring station and 409 at the one in Sector 22 on Thursday night.
The air quality was satisfactory (AQI below 100) at all the stations during the day, according to Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee officials . After 6pm, it started to worsen. By 10pm, it was in the severe category at Sector 22 and at 11 pm in Sector 25. But there was a silver lining.

The 24-hour average AQI was 115 as compared to last year’s 140 (Sector 25 station data) on Diwali day. This, officials explained, was because Diwali in 2020 fell on November 14, when weather and other factors played a role in polluting the air too.
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Out of the five stations, AQI (24-hourly average) was in moderate category in three (sectors 17, 22 and 25) and poor in two (sectors 12 and 39). “It is matter of relief that because of weather conditions AQI again improved to satisfactory after 2am,” officials said. But noise levels too shot up on Diwali. Highest levels of 78.2 dB(A) were found in Sector 39 and lowest of 58.4 dB(A) in Sector 17. Last year on Diwali, the noise level was maximum 66.6 d

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