We must be on our toes as war tactics now dynamic: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the country needs to understand, update and adapt to the fast-changing tactics and challenges of modern warfare, with the advent of new technology.

Celebrating Diwali with the soldiers in the frontier Naushera sector along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, the PM said the armed forces were his family and he ensured that he celebrated the festival with them every year, bringing with him the blessings of 130 crore citizens of the country.

“Earlier, war scenarios and tactics would change in decades or may be in centuries but today technology is changing it within a day and we could face new challenges every morning and evening. Today’s warfare is not limited to operational capabilities,” Modi said, while addressing the troopers. “Today, technology and hybrid tactics have to be in tandem and in coordination… So, we need to reform consistently and our preparation should be according to the fast-changing landscape across the world,” he added.

The PM stated that the country was successfully treading the path of self-reliance in the defence sector and around 65% of the defence budget is spent within the country, in a big departure from the past practice of importing weapons at higher costs and often halted, dragged and delayed by tedious bureaucratic processes.

“Self-reliance in the defence sector is a potent way to secure the country. We have bought more than 200 items within the country and this positive list will increase in the coming days. We have manufactured Tejas, Arjun, and seven new defence companies have been dedicated to the country,” Modi said, adding, “Private sector is also becoming part of the security system of the country. Several defence startups are also emerging and our youngsters are coming up with great innovations.” The defence corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Modi said, will speed up the process further and strengthen our image as a defence exporter.

The border infrastructure has been strengthened as well, the PM said. “From Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh and Jaisalmeer to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where even basic connectivity was not there, we have tunnels, big roads and optical fibre networks,” he explained.

While referring to the surgical strikes across the Line of Control in 2016, Modi said the role of the army’s brigade in Naushera in the operation fills every citizen of the country with pride.

“I will always remember that day… I made sure that everyone came back before dawn. I was waiting for the phone bell to ring and check whether all of my soldiers had returned, and my brave soldiers returned without getting hurt,” said Modi. The PM said after the surgical strike, countless attempts were made to disrupt peace here and similar attempts continue today as well.

“But everytime terrorism gets a befitting reply. This land exudes inspiration against oppression and falsehood. It is believed that Pandavas have spent some time here (Naushera). Today, being here, I feel connected to the energy here,” he said.

The PM said the Indian Army is a professional force and the cultural values make it a force with a difference.

“It is not a regular job for you where you wait for a monthly salary. Joining the army is meditation and I see everyone as sages and each one of you reflects the spirit of 130 crore Indians. This is what puts us at the pinnacle of human values,” he said.

“Governments come and go, empires touch skies and fall. But India was there in the past, is there in the present and will be there thousands of years later as well. We don’t see the nation just as an empire, government or political entity, it is a living spirit for us,” he said.

The PM said that the women have already made their mark in the Navy and Airforce and now they are actively joining the army as well. “Country’s daughters are touching new heights in securing the nation…doors have been opened for women in top military colleges across the country,” he said.

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