Study Buddy Presents Exam-Time Kitty


Oh, the jitters!

As the dreaded examination period looms closer, there’s much to consider.
Subjects. Supplies. Sleep. Sustenance.

Luckily, Thomas Cook – Fantastic Forex Friend – Study Buddy has outlined 4 handy tips/recommendations to help international students like yourself get through this stressful time!

Simple yet effective, the advice is as follows:

  1. Clear Expenses for the Month
    When examinations are around the corner, you will want to devote your time and energy towards learning. The last thing you need is unpaid bills piling high. Therefore, Study Buddy recommends that monthly outlays be settled, beforehand. For those living in non-student accommodation, aspects like rent, utilities, and other living expenses typically come into play the first week of each month. Thomas Cook’s efficient Forex money transfer service, ensures you have adequate funds to cover all these costs.
  2. Stock Up on Groceries
    The days leading up to assessments can be hectic, to say the least. You may not have sufficient time for grocery store runs, thereby increasing your dependence on food delivery services. However, if you were to stock up on nutritious food items in advance, the unhealthy binges could well be avoided. With Thomas Cook’s reliable Forex transfer service, you will never run out of grocery money. Study Buddy recommends creating meal plans, just as you would create study plans!

3. Procure Study Materials

From pens to pencils, post its to notebooks, highlighters to calculators, there are numerous little things you will turn to during the examination period. Borrowing a library book, photocopying notes, printing important diagrams, procuring transparent stationery pouches, are some of the many expenses that will pop up. Study Buddy urges you to source all materials a few weeks before the commencement of exams. With Thomas Cook’s speedy Forex remittance service, there’s no need to worry about “how”.

  1. Build a Time Table

It’s very easy for a variety of distractions to set in when prepping for exams. After all, there’s always something more fun you could be doing with your time. Which is why, Study Buddy can’t stress enough, the importance of a good time table! From delegating time to all subjects, to making room for revision, and accounting for human error, an examination plan goes a long way. Just ask Thomas Cook’s forex experts, who plan for every contingency.

  1. Take Regular Breaks

Cramming and all-nighters ought to be replaced with holistic study sessions. Study Buddy reminds you to balance your days with intervals of rest. Not only does this boost physical health, but also takes care of mental health. Whether it’s going for a walk, catching a film, or grabbing a coffee with a friend, a little down-time is advisable and necessary. Plus, with Thomas Cook’s convenient Forex money transfer service, breaks are always sponsored.

As you can see, international students are empowered to focus on their education, while Thomas Cook takes care of all their Forex requirements, from the comfort of home! From Forex transfer service to Forex transfer charges, you can enjoy #gharpeforex.

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