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Saskatoon resident Gary Morrison is frustrated with the Public Health system, Saskatchewan eHealth and Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) after facing a glitch when trying to retrieve his wife’s COVID-19 vaccination QR code.

Gary’s mornings are looking a little different lately.

He wakes up every day since he and his wife, Emily Morrison, got vaccinated, and tries to go onto the Saskatchewan eHealth website to get Emily’s vaccination QR code.

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Her vaccination status does show up on the website but there is a glitch that does not allow her to download the proof of vaccination code.

Her account shows the same error every time.

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“It says no vaccine on record, call the support line, which I’ve called in September and every week since until now. I’ve had 10 recalls and nobody can help,” said Gary.

According to Gary, he was at one point told to fill out a form that ended up having nothing to do with his situation.

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After talking to the three health organizations, he still has not received answers for his wife’s issue.

“Somebody else says I’ll get back to you tomorrow, you get a phone call back tomorrow, ‘I’m still working on it,’ and then she’s supposed to have called today, yesterday, [they] never called. So it’s like this for weeks on end,” said Gary.

The couple got vaccinated at the same location, at almost the exact same time, but Gary had no problem getting his QR code, unlike his wife.

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Global News contacted SHA to found out about the issue.

“We are aware of issues related to COVID-19 immunization records missing doses or having inaccurate information. Anyone who may be affected by this can submit this form through eHealth to have their record corrected.”

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