Diy Homemade Hand Sanitizer: A Complete Step By Step Guide To Fight Germ And Bacteria With Alcohol-Based And Natural Recipes. Learn How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer And Home Disinfectant


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Are you looking for an effective remedy to prevent the spread of infections and ensures health just washing your hands properly?

In circumstances where water or soap are not affordable or accessible, it could be necessary to have with you hand sanitizers. This book shows how to produce sanitizers at home.

The demand for these products is increasing dramatically, so it is becoming extremely hard to find them in any store. Homemade production of soap scan overcome this lack of supply. Also, it helps to save money and make truly green products, such as benefiting both households and the overall environment.

The production of a hand sanitizer is a very easy process. The ingredients of a sanitizer should be mixed carefully and accurately, by using highly sanitized tools. To deliver an effective product it is very important that the proportion of alcohol contained in the home-made sanitizer is at least 60%.

This book covers:

  • List of Alcohols with Disinfectant Properties
  • How To Make Hand Sanitizer and Home Disinfectant with Essential Oils
  • Sanitizer Recipes
  • How Hand Sanitizer Works
  • The Differences Between Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing
  • Hand Sanitizer and Anti-Bacterial Wipes
  • And much more..

It is well-known that hand sanitizers containing alcohol, are more effective than regular soap in killing bacteria. The ideal strategy for your hygiene consists of washing frequently your hands with soap and water and using a hand sanitizer too.

Despite the scarcity of sanitizers in stores during a health crisis, there is good news. The good news is that homemade production requires only three ingredients. This book teaches how to easily make a hand sanitizer with ingredients that are already available at home.

Despite some limitations, sanitizers have proved helpful especially in our homes, workplace, and in poor washings setup like elementary schools where compliance to handwashing by the children is not guaranteed.

This manual has provied information on preparing a variety of hand wash solutions, homemade sanitizers, and DIY wipes made with ingredients that are safe and easily accessible. The aim is to maintain cleanliness without having to incur a lot of expenses, together with having solutions that are adequate enough for a simple and practical daily use. These products are just as effective as commercial ones, with even some more benefits and less side effects.

DIY homemade sanitizers are very effective in curbing and fighting the spread of various infections by viruses, germs and bacteria that could bring diseases after infections. The contents in here have provided you with the necessary information on the hygiene practices and disinfection techniques to keep you and your family safe from various infections.

The purpose of making the homemade sanitizers is to have them easily accessible when you need to disinfect. For these reasons, you can pack the sanitizers in small bottles or storage containers that are easy to carry along, even in your pocket. In case you are packing the solutions in plastic containers, do not use light plastic as it may react to some of the ingredients. Glass bottles or containers with hard plastic are recommended. You can also sanitize the bottles before packing using some leftover alcohol or other kinds of sanitizers. The alcohol concentration should, however, be high enough to kill both viruses and germs. A concentration of above 60% is recommended.


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