These Questions Might Be While Sending Children To School Parents Must Keep Some Points In Their Mind


Schools in many states across India are being opened in a phased manner. However, the probability of a third wave has left parents worried. Concerns about children’s safety can be clearly seen on their faces.

When parents are sending their little ones to school, they may have some questions in their mind. Even though children are not at a serious risk of Covid-19, safety cannot be ignored. Therefore, they must take care of certain things.   

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My child is apprehensive about getting sick at school, what should I do?
Going back to school at any point can be stressful. Children may panic or may be reluctant to go to school, especially if they have been learning at home for months. So, have an open conversation with them to explain what they are worried about and acknowledge that it is completely normal to be worried. Talk to them about the changes to be expected in school, such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing from friends and teachers. Assure them that all these protective measures have been implemented to keep students and teachers healthy. You can also explain their important role in keeping themselves in good health, such as washing hands with soap and water regularly. 
My child has started going to school, what things should be taken care of?
The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge disruption in everyday life – and children are also experiencing these changes seriously. If your child starts going to school, you should keep an eye on his/her physical health, learning, emotions and behavior. Keep a check on signs of stress and anxiety to ensure your child doesn’t need extra support from you. For example, sadness, anger, fatigue, confusion, lack of interest in playing with other children and completing their homework, lack of adequate sleep and food, and lack of interest in friends can be signs of stress and anxiety. Remind them that sometimes it is normal to feel overwhelmed. 

Sleep patterns have changed in lockdown, how can I help?
During lockdown and a prolonged period of online learning, the child’s sleep pattern and sleep quality may have changed a lot. This can make it difficult to get back into the school routine. Take time to wake your child up at the required time several days in advance to help them get organised. Don’t let the child nap during the daytime. Avoid screen time an hour before going to bed and an hour later after waking up. Try to keep them calm an evening before the day of going to school. 

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