Theatres reopen in Chennai: Filmmaker CS Amudhan writes what ‘theatrical-experience’ means to him


A year after bingeing content on OTT platforms thanks to the pandemic, filmmaker CS Amudhan writes why he is rooting for theatres

As theatres open this week, what does your mind conjure up when the word ‘theatre-experience’ crops up? If it is buttery popcorn, cold-coffee and comfy reclining seats, you are a 2K kid.

For my generation it is fighting for black-tickets, stainless-steel tumblers chained to drums, sugary ice-cream cones and stinky urinals. And yet it never lacked for magic.

Those days every theatre stood for something, those days before the corporates took over. Albert was Superstar, Alankar was Jackie Chan, Woodlands was pretty girls, Pilot was the King of sound, Devi was family, Sathyam was film-aficionados, and Motcham and Parangimalai Jothi were …ehm…well educational if you get my drift. How much we learnt.

I definitely missed watching Sarpatta Parambarai in theatres. Pa Ranjith’s magnum opus would have set the screens on fire with its myriad theatre-moments.

Dancing Rose, Vembuli, Rangan Vathiyaar, Maariyamma and Kabilan definitely deserved the bigger screen. Sarpatta…was our Raging Bull and I hope the makers do a theatrical release now so we can once again exult in the nostalgia of old Madras, moustaches and meals with rabbit curry.

As me and my team prep for my new film with Vijay Antony, we are enthused knowing our film will get a theatrical release.

That first day as we walk up from the car-park with our hearts bursting loud enough to hear is not replicable in any other release. When the audience laughs out aloud for the first time or there is a smattering of applause for a scene, a year’s labour is vindicated. What can I tell you…it feels like you have died and gone to heaven.

So cheers you guys! Let’s have fun at the movies.

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