Electronic spices Pack of 2 LM2596 DC-DC Step Down power supply module 3A voltage regulator 24V 12V 5V 3V 4.0-40 to 1.3-37V


Price: ₹220.00 - ₹179.00
(as of Jan 25,2022 14:18:54 UTC – Details)

DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module LM2596 Power Supply is a step-down(buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 3-A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of,24V 12V 5V 3V 4.0-40 to 1.3-37V and an adjustable output version.Input: DC 3V to 40V (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage to 1.5v above can not boost) Output: DC voltage continuously adjustable, high-efficiency maximum output current of 3A. Features: All solid capacitors, the 36u thickening circuit boards, high-Q inductance with output value of high-power LED indicator Dimensions: 45 (L) * 20 (W) * 14 (H) mm (with potentiometer)

voltage regulator 24V 12V 5V 3V 4.0-40 to 1.3-37V
High-Q inductors with high power output LED indicator
Short Circuit Protection: Current limiting, since the recovery Package includes – 2pcs
Output voltage can be changed between 1.25V ~ 30V


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