Kim Jong Un Sister Stronger Attack On South Korean-US Military Exercises


New Delhi: North Korea is becoming restless by the news of US troops conducting military exercises with South Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong- Un’s sister criticized South Korea’s military exercises with the United States, and claimed that it is a rehearsal for the invasion. She also warned that North Korea will work faster to strengthen its preemptive strike capabilities.

Kim Yo Jong’s statement came at that time when South Korean media reported that a four-day military exercise will begin on Tuesday before a computer-based exercise with the allied country’s military from August 16 to 26. Kim Yo Jong said she got the right to issue statement. It means that this message is directly from her brother.

Hours after comments on state media were published, South Korea’s defence and unification ministries said North Korean officials had not responded to his call on Tuesday afternoon on the inter-Korean hotline. South Korean officials said they are closely monitoring the chronology but it was not immediate clear whether North Korea had re-disconnected communication channels.

Kim Yo Jong said that the continued military exercises highlight the Biden administration’s showy attitude of restoring talks over North Korea’s nuclear program. She said that until the United States removes its forces and weapons from South Korea, there will be no peace in the Korean peninsula.

“This exercise is the most vivid expression of America’s hostile policy towards (North Korea), which is designed to forcefully suppress our country and this is an unwanted act of self-destruction,” she said. It has put our people and the Korean Peninsula’s situation in more crisis.”

“To establish peace on the peninsula, it is mandatory for the U.S. to call back its offensive troops deployed in (South) Korea,” she said. As long as US forces (South) live in Korea, the root cause of the situation on the Korean Peninsula deteriorating from time to time will never end.”

Kim Yo Jong said North Korea will continue to increase its capacity to deal with any threat of military strikes on the Part of the United States. Immunity and firepower will be strengthened to deal with any military action. The US has deployed 28,000 troops in South Korea to respond to any audacity of North Korea. The U.S. made a formal announcement about military exercises this month.

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