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ICMR asks for list of people who got actual vaccine shot during clinical trialsThe Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has asked the principal investigators of clinical trials to compile a list of volunteers who received an actual vaccine shot, and not a placebo, so that they can be issued certificates from the vaccine registration platform CoWIN.

“ICMR is facilitating the process. We do feel that participants have all the right to get valid certificates and we are very much supportive,” said Samiran Panda, head of epidemiology and infectious diseases at ICMR.

Panda said that ICMR has alerted the investigators of all clinical trials to compile the list as soon as possible. “This will be sent to the immunisation division of the health ministry, which will help get the vaccine certificates from CoWIN,” he said.

On Tuesday, the health ministry said volunteers who participated in clinical trials and received “actual vaccines” will be provided vaccine certificates through the CoWIN platform.

While the participants were issued certificates by the respective trial sites, only CoWIN certificates are officially recognised and considered valid.

The certificates will be generated for only those volunteers who have received the vaccine and not for those who have been put on the placebo arm.

Volunteers of those vaccines which have got regulatory approval will only be eligible for QR-based certificates through the CoWIN portal.

“However, those who are enrolled in the ongoing clinical trials will not get certificates. The participants of those vaccines which have got emergency use authorisation (EUA) will get valid certificates” Lav Agrawal, joint secretary in the health ministry, said. “These volunteers will be able to download the certificates on their phone.”

According to a report in ET on Tuesday, several vaccine trial participants had written to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Niti Aayog and the health ministry, urging them to either help them get a vaccine certificate through CoWIN or have an official order issued stating that the certificate issued by the hospital (vaccination site) will be treated at par with the CoWIN certificates.

Most volunteers were concerned that not having a certificate would create problems if they wanted to travel.

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